Don’t you hate it when you need to rent a car, but you can’t get to the car rental place because you don’t have a car? It’s okay though. There are many rental companies that offer free pickup. And since you don’t want to be stranded after you return the car, these companies will also drive you back home or back to work — as long as your locations meet the criteria for distance and you give them enough advance notice.

Things to Know Before We Get to the List of Companies That Pick You up and Drop You Off

  • Your pickup location must be within the range that the company is willing to drive — same goes for drop off
  • Most companies require you to notify them a day in advance that you want picked up and/or dropped off (especially smaller rental locations where they have a small staff)
  • Airport rental locations rarely do pickup and drop off — as they assume their customers will be flying in or flying out. But they nearly always offer free shuttle services to and from your terminal.

The 15 Rental Car Companies That Pick You up and Drop You Off

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1. Advantage

Advantage only has airport locations. This means they offer no pickup or drop off service but their locations will always be close to the terminal or simply a free shuttle ride away.

2. ACE Rent a Car

ACE does offer a shuttle service to come pick you up and drop you off again. Though you are strongly encouraged to call ahead of time to see if your location offers it or not. You can also check the individual location’s policies while you are reserving your car online. It’s over on the right hand side under “Policies”. This link is just an example of a location chosen at random. You will need to go through the reservation process yourself to see if the location you want offers a shuttle.

3. Alamo

Alamo does not offer a pickup or drop off service, but many of their airport locations offer a free shuttle from the terminal to the branch. This is actually the link to a tweet they sent me, because there is nothing on their website that addresses pick-up service.

4. Avis

Avis provides a free local pickup and return service.

  • You need to call the location at least 24 hours ahead of time.

5. Budget

Budget will pick you up and drop you off and it’s free.

  • Policies vary by location, so be sure to call the location after you’ve received your confirmation to see if they can come get you.
  • Be sure to call at least 24 hours before your desired rental time.
  • They can’t pick you up at an airport if that airport has a Budget location already. You would either need to use the Budget at the airport or arrange your own transportation to the other Budget location.

6. Dollar Rent a Car

Dollar Rent a Car is only located at airports. This means they won’t pick up most passengers since renters are almost always coming or going right there from the airport. But they will come pick you up and drop you off if you’re disabled. Call ahead to schedule. So Dollar Rent a Car is one of our rental car companies that pick you up but only if it is necessary.

7. E-Z Rent a Car

E-Z Rent a Car is only located at airports. They don’t expressly offer pickup or drop off because of rules about airports, and mainly because most people who rent cars from airport locations are coming out of and returning to the airport. If you need pickup you can call the branch to ask about it, but it’d probably be a better idea to just go with a different rental company. There is usually a free shuttle to take you from your terminal to the E-Z Rent a Car location.

8. Enterprise

Enterprise will pick you up, like they’re always advertising. Here are a few rules:

  • Enterprise will not pick you up or drop you off at an airport.
  • Only the non-airport locations can pick you up and drop off.
  • You have to be within ten miles of the branch. So pickups are done by the closest non-airport branch within ten miles of you, but not all branches are able to do it, so you have to call them. You would have to call them anyway to schedule the pickup, but you see where I’m going with this.
  • They don’t deliver cars.
  • The service is free!

9. Hertz

Hertz will pick you up and drop you off for free.

  • They only do it at Hertz Local Edition (HLE) locations. When you make your online reservation, just look for the HLE.
  • You actually choose the pick-up/drop-off while you’re making your online reservation. Then they either give you a number to call to confirm, or they will call you. Either way it’ll tell you while you’re making your reservation.
  • You have to book the pick-up at least 24 hours ahead of time. If you want the car on Monday, you have to book it before closing time on Friday.
  • They’ll only drive 15 minutes to pick you up.
  • You can’t get picked up or dropped off at an airport. It’s an “airport concession” agreement.

10. Payless

Payless is only offered at airports. This means no Payless does not offer rental cars that pick you up or drop you off. Each Payless rental location will either be close enough to your terminal to walk or a free shuttle will be provided.

11. Rent-a-Wreck

Rent-a-Wreck is operated as individual franchises, so it is up to the location as to whether they offer a shuttle service for pickups and drop-offs. You need to call the corporate number which is 1-877-877-0700 and ask to be connected to your local branch or you can ask the question via the online Rent a Wreck website by clicking here.

12. Sixt Rent a Car

Sixt may or may not offer a pickup and drop off service, depending on the branch. You can call their Reservation department 24/7 at 1-888-749-8227 or by connecting with Sixt via social media or email.

13. Thrifty

Thrifty does pickups, but you have to call ahead to schedule it, as only certain locations will pickup and drop off.

14. Turo

If you’re unfamiliar, Turo is like the Airbnb of rental cars. You and the vehicle’s owner can arrange pickup and dropoff arrangements (even at the airport). Read the details here. Get $25 off your first Turo by using this link.

15. U-Save

Each U-Save location will have its own policies for pickup and drop-off, and this service may not be available at every location. Be sure to get in touch with the location where you plan to rent if you’re interested in this service. The easiest way to do this is to visit the U-Save website to find a location, then choose Location Website to get to the web page for that particular service center. You can use the Contact form on this page to inquire about whether pickup and drop-off is available.

Final Word on Choosing a Rental Car Company That Does Pickups and Dropoffs

Enjoy choosing one of these rental car companies that pick you up and drop you off. There are many great options to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, slightly more rental car companies do pickups and dropoffs than do not. And if you were hoping to see a company on our list that is not – it means they do not do pickups and dropoffs. This was a comprehensive investigation.