7-Eleven Check Cashing Policy Explained

Exterior of a 7-Eleven store

7-Eleven doesn’t offer check cashing services. We contacted multiple 7-Eleven stores across the nation; all of the representatives we spoke with said they don’t cash checks.

7-Eleven does offer a program called Transact, which has a reloadable prepaid card. The card has direct deposit and is accompanied by a mobile app (available for Android and iOS) with which you can deposit checks onto your card.

Transact Card Features

  • Direct deposit, so any employer or government payments that are available for direct deposit may be loaded directly onto the card.
  • Ability to deposit checks with Mobile Check Load, using the card app and camera on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Send funds to friends and family by adding them to your Transact account.
  • Access your funds 24/7 with the mobile app, Anytime Alerts, and Online Account Center.
  • Withdraw funds from your Transact account for free using 7-Eleven ATMs (with an Allpoint Network logo).
  • Use your Transact Prepaid Mastercard anywhere that debit Mastercards are accepted.
  • Pay your bills at 7-Eleven using the Transact Prepaid app, PayNearMe.

You can sign up for a Transact card. When you apply, you will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, and a government-issued, photo ID.

After completing your application and receiving the card, you will have to activate it to begin using all the card’s features.

Transact Card Fees

There are several fees that go along with the Transact card, though you can avoid most of them if you are careful.

Opening an account is free, but if you ever need to replace your card because it is lost, stolen, or damaged the fee is $2.95.

Withdrawals at an Allpoint Network ATM are free. There are many Allpoint ATM locations across the U.S., and many 7-Eleven locations will have these ATMs. Withdrawals from any other ATM cost $2.50, and third-party ATM operator fees may also apply.

Depositing money onto your card with direct deposit is always free. And, mobile check deposit is free (though there could be third party fees charged, for example, by your cell phone company).

It’s also free to reload the card at a NetSpend Reload Network location (e.g., a participating 7-Eleven store).

Transferring money to and from your account online might be free — specific fees will depend on the transfer service you chose and the other banking institution that’s part of the transaction.

There are also fees for making purchases directly with a Transact card, which works as a Mastercard debit and can be used at stores that accept Mastercard.

When you apply for a card, you start with the default Pay-As-You-Go Plan. On this plan, if you make a purchase and run the card as credit, you’ll pay a $1 fee per purchase, and if you run it as debit, you’ll pay a $2 fee.

The other plan available is the FeeAdvantage Plan, which you have to opt into by calling (844) 711-4711 or through your account page on the Transact website. On the FeeAdvantage Plan, you pay $5 a month to maintain your card account but pay no fees when you make purchases.

You can see the Cardholder Agreement for complete terms, conditions, and fee schedule for the Transact card.

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