Citibank Check Cashing Policy Explained

Banks can be convenient places to cash checks, but because each bank sets its own policies regarding fees, amount limits, and which checks it will cash, it's nice to know what to expect before your visit.

At Citibank, the check cashing policy varies depending on the services available at the particular branch.

Citibank sign on the exterior of a branch

Not all Citibank branches cash checks. If your local branch does, Citibank account holders can cash or deposit most types of checks for no additional fees.[1][2]

Non-account holders can also cash checks drawn on Citibank worth up to $5,000 without fees.[1][3]

I detail more of Citibank’s requirements and rules for cashing checks below.

Citibank Check Cashing Policy

Not all Citibank locations cash checks. If you have an account at Citibank, locations that do will cash any Citibank-drawn check and most non-Citibank checks.[1][2]

However, you cannot cash foreign checks or checks made out to a business, and each branch may reserve the right to refuse third-party checks.[1][3]

Non-members can only cash Citibank-drawn checks.[1]

Because services vary by location, it’s best to contact the branch you intend to visit to be sure check cashing is available.

To find out more about the check cashing policy, I contacted corporate customer service representatives and Citibank branches in Illinois, New York, and Texas.

Fees and Limits

Account Holders

There are no fees for account holders to cash checks at Citibank and there are no amount limits when the check is drawn on Citibank.[1]

When cashing a check that isn’t drawn on Citibank, the check cashing limit for most accounts is the amount of funds you currently have available in your Citibank account.[1]

This policy ensures that Citibank won’t lose money cashing bad checks — if the check bounces, the bank can deduct the funds from your account.[1]

However, note that limits may vary depending on the account type, how long you’ve had the account, and your average account balance.[1]

Non-Account Holders

Generally, Citibank allows non-customers to cash checks drawn on Citibank for up to $5,000. There is no fee for this service.[1][3]

If you have a check exceeding your local branch’s transaction limit, see where to cash large checks.

Non-customers aren’t able to cash checks that are not drawn on Citibank.[1]


Whether you have a Citibank account or not, you’ll need to present a valid government-issued ID to cash a check.[1]

Acceptable forms of ID include:[1]

  • U.S. driver’s license
  • U.S. passport or passport card
  • Learner’s permit
  • U.S. Armed Forces ID
  • Green Card
  • Foreign passport
  • Foreign driver’s license


Other Places That Cash Checks

If you have a personal check written from a Citibank account, some banks, retail stores, grocery stores, and check cashing stores can cash it.

To compare your options, see the list of places that cash personal checks.

For printed payroll checks drawn on Citibank, you can usually cash the check at another bank, convenience store, grocery store, or check cashing store.

Note that there is typically a check cashing fee, which varies by location. See more on check cashing fees by state and store.

Tip: If you have an account at another bank, such as Bank of America or Chase, you can usually cash a Citibank check there.[4][5] If the check exceeds your bank’s check cashing limit, you should be able to receive cash for that amount and then deposit the rest.

Check Deposits

Citibank account holders can deposit checks in person at any branch office during normal business hours, which are generally 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.[6]

Some branches are also open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.[6]

Citibank’s hours vary by location, and branch offices close on federal holidays.[1] Before visiting, it’s a good idea to check your local branch hours.

You can also deposit checks 24 hours a day at any Citibank ATM, or by using the Citi app, which offers mobile deposits at no extra charge.[7][8]

If the check you deposit is drawn on Citibank, the funds will generally be available on or before the next business day. For all other types of deposits, it can take up to four business days.[1]


Can you cash a check at a Citibank ATM?

No, you cannot cash a check at a Citibank ATM, although account holders can deposit them.[2]

How do you endorse a Citibank check for cashing?

On the back of the check, you’ll find a small area with “Endorse Here” printed on it. Add your signature on the line. If you’re an account holder, it’s also helpful to write your account number in this area.[9][10]

Can you cash a Citibank check at Walmart?

Yes, as long as it’s a type of check Walmart accepts and it doesn’t exceed the limit set for that type of check.[11][12] See more on Walmart’s check cashing policy.

In Summary

Citibank locations that cash checks offer this service free of charge, though you must provide a valid government-issued ID.[1][2]

Non-account holders can cash Citibank-drawn checks up to $5,000, while account holders can cash most types of checks. Account holder limits for non-Citibank checks will vary depending on the account details.[1][3]

If you have a Citibank account and choose to deposit the check rather than cash it, the funds will be available within one to four business days of the deposit.[1]

You can share your experiences with cashing checks at Citibank below. You’re also welcome to ask any further questions you may have.

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  • Heather Wright

    I was issued a check on a Citibank Account and need to know if it will clear. The Citibank customer has already issued two check prior and both were returned.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Heather! You’ll need to visit a Citibank branch. A teller should be able to help you verify the check. You can also cash the check there if you’re worried that the payer’s balance might change before your bank is able to process the deposit. Best of luck with your transaction!

  • Michael W Sinibaldi

    I would like to cash a check drawn from Citibank at a Citibank Branch, the amount is $10,859.00. Is there a fee for this?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Michael! If you are a Citibank member, you can cash your check with no fee. Unfortunately, if you are not a Citibank member, you will be unable to cash this check at a Citibank branch. We contacted Citibank and were told that it does not cash checks over $5,000 for non-customers. We have updated our article to clarify this. You may find our related article on where to cash a large check helpful. Best of luck!

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