Costco Eyeglasses Repair Policy Detailed

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Short Answer — Costco Optical offers eyeglass repairs at some locations, but the exact services available, costs, and requirements vary by location. Locations may provide free minor repairs, paid repairs, or a referral to another local repair option.

Costco Eyeglass Repair Policy

Costco Optical offers eyeglass repairs at some locations.[1]

Glasses from Costco Optical do not include a warranty for scratches, broken frames, or any other repairs. However, individual locations may offer repairs for free or at a cost.[1]

We contacted Costco locations in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Utah to confirm this information.

Several of the locations we contacted said that they should be able to make repairs like replacing screws, arms, or nose pads, depending on your frames.[2]

Others said that they could not repair glasses or could only make very minor repairs, but could provide a referral to another local repair option.[2]

Note that because Costco Optical locations are operated by independent optometrists, available repair services and rules vary by location.[1] It is best to contact your nearest Costco Optical before visiting.

Eyeglass Repair Cost

The repair cost at Costco Optical will vary depending not only on the location but also on the type of repair you need.

If you have a small issue, like a lost screw, your local Costco Optical may be willing to replace it at no charge.[2]

However, more significant issues like broken frames or missing lenses will typically require paid repair or replacement.

The cost will vary depending on the type and extent of the damage and whether your existing eyeglasses are fixable or need complete replacement.[2]

Eyeglass Repair Requirements

You don’t need to have originally purchased your glasses at Costco Optical to get a repair or replacement.

If your glasses have extensive damage and you did not buy them at Costco, you may pay an added fee for frame or lens replacement — usually up to $25, plus the cost of the new lenses or frames.[2]

Note that Costco doesn’t have the ability to repair all brands or styles of glasses, so if you didn’t purchase the glasses at Costco initially, your chances of getting a repair at Costco Optical may be lower. (For example, it might not carry the right replacement arm for your frames.)[2]

Additionally, Costco Optical locations can deny repair requests at their discretion.[2]

You also need a Costco membership to purchase any items at the optical center.[2][3]

Eyeglass Return Policy

Costco doesn’t allow returns or exchanges on prescription eyeglasses.[2]

However, if you find that your glasses are defective after purchase — such as if the lenses are the wrong prescription — you can get them fixed within 60 to 90 days of purchase.[2]

Other Eyeglass Repair Options

If your local Costco Optical is unable to assist you with your glasses, companies like All-American Eyeglass Repair and Frame Saver also offer mail-in eyeglass repair services nationwide.

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