Life Time Discount Policy for Costco Members

Logo sign on the outside of a Costco store

Costco doesn’t offer a discounted membership to Life Time, customer service representatives said.

Club members are eligible for discounted memberships at 24 Hour Fitness, but that is Costco’s only fitness partnership at the time of this writing.

While exact prices vary by gym location, Life Time memberships cost around $75 per month for an individual and around $120 for a couple.

Members have access to the gym’s equipment, classes, aquatic facilities, child care, and other amenities.

Ways to Save on Life Time Membership

Life Time offers a family membership plan. It also has a discounted membership for those aged 26 and younger. See more on the Life Time student discount policy.

These programs offer savings of anywhere from around $5 to $20 per month, depending on the location.

Additionally, Life Time offers partner memberships with certain corporations or individuals with Medicare.

Other Discounts at Costco

For more about discounts available to Costco members, see our research on the warehouse club’s discounted tickets to Cedar Point.

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