How to Donate Eyeglasses at Walmart: Eyeglass Recycling Policy Detailed

Short Answer: Many Walmart Vision Centers accept donations of used glasses, including prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Walmart partners with the Lions Club to collect eyewear for those in need. Below, we have the details on how to donate eyeglasses at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and more.

How to Donate Eyeglasses at Walmart

Walmart stores partner with the Lions Club to collect used eyeglasses for those in need.[1] At participating store locations, you’ll find a donation box in the Vision Center. We called Walmart Vision Centers in Arizona, Indiana, and New York to confirm this information. Store associates at all of the locations we contacted said they collect used eyewear; however, not all Walmart stores may have a donation box available. You can call your intended Walmart location in advance to find out if it takes glasses.

To donate glasses, bring your prescription eyeglasses and/or prescription sunglasses to a participating Walmart Vision Center and look for the blue and white Lions Club donation box. Walmart does not accept over-the-counter reading glasses, store associates said. And, all glasses donations must not be broken or missing lenses. Walmart Vision Center associates said they would not be able to provide a donation receipt for tax purposes.

The Lions Club is an organization that coordinates volunteers to meet community and humanitarian needs throughout the world. One focus of Lions Club International is its vision mission to provide eye care to underserved communities and prevent blindness. Part of this mission involves collecting and distributing donated eyeglasses to those in need.

Sam’s Club Eyeglass Donation

Sam’s Club, which is owned and operated by Walmart, also partners with the Lions Club to collect eyeglasses donations. We contacted Sam’s Club locations in Arizona, Indiana, and New Jersey and found that most Sam’s Club Optical Centers have eyeglass donation boxes — but not all of them.

More Information

If your local Walmart does not accept donations, Costco accepts eyeglass donations from members. You can also contact your local Lions Club chapter. For even more eyeglass donation options, see our list of places that take old glasses.


  • I want to donate prescription eyeglasses. My local Walmart informed me they do not collect them. Who can I contact?

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Nancy! Great question! You may want to try contacting a local Lions Club to see if it collects eyeglasses at its office or at other local establishments; you can find one near you using the Club locator. The Lions Club sometimes places donation drop-offs at libraries, churches, or local optometrists’ offices. The charitable organization New Eyes for the Needy also accepts donations by mail. We have update the article to include this information.