Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon? RockAuto? Others? Answered

Short Answer: Does AutoZone price match Amazon, RockAuto, etc? AutoZone does offer price matching with other nearby auto parts retailers on in-store purchases. The official corporate policy does not price match with online competitors — but some store managers (including 30% of the stores we contacted) are willing to price match with online stores like RockAuto. We have more details on AutoZone’s price match policy below.

Does AutoZone Price Match?

Yes, AutoZone will price match, but certain restrictions apply, an AutoZone regional manager and two corporate customer service associates told us. Price matching is only available when shopping in store, not online. Your local AutoZone will price match other auto parts retailers in your area, including major competitors like O’Reilly Auto Parts and NAPA Auto Parts.

AutoZone generally does not price match with online retailers, such as Amazon and RockAuto. Both of the corporate representatives we spoke with said that the official policy is not to match online prices or internet sites. However, when we called AutoZone stores in several states to confirm the enforcement of the corporate policy, we found that some store managers (about 30% of those we contacted) were willing to consider a price match with RockAuto if the store can verify the price. Bring proof of the lower price to your local store or call the store before visiting to learn whether you can get a price match with an online competitor.

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In Summary

That’s the AutoZone price match policy in plain language. AutoZone will price match in-store purchases with other auto parts retailers in your area but generally will not match online stores like Amazon and RockAuto — unless the store manager is willing to approve the price match. For more on AutoZone store policies, see our articles: Does AutoZone Install Batteries?, Does AutoZone Replace Lights, Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes, and Does AutoZone Turn Rotors?