Does Personal Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars? Answered

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Short Answer — Personal car insurance usually offers rental car coverage equal to your current policy. However, there may be some restrictions based on the details of your plan, where you’re traveling, and the type of rental you choose.

Does Personal Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Personal auto insurance usually covers car rentals, providing the same coverage and deductibles as it does for your personal vehicle at no additional cost.[1]

If your personal insurance covers your rental, you can file accident claims the same way you would if you were driving your own vehicle.[2][3]

However, some policies may have additional restrictions or only offer minimal coverage on rental cars.[4]

Keep these common restrictions in mind when considering your coverage options:

Personal Use vs. Business Use

Generally, personal car insurance policies only cover rentals for personal use — for example, renting a car while on vacation or for a road trip.[5]

If you’re renting a car for business, your personal insurance policy likely won’t cover it, but coverage may be available through your employer.[6]

Specialty Vehicles

Your insurance may exclude certain vehicle classes or specialty vehicle rentals.

It’s important to check with your insurance company before renting a moving truck, moving van, or RV, as each company sets its own guidelines for what it covers.[4]

Most standard policies also have limits on the size and weight of vehicles they will cover.[4]

Cross-Border Travel

Most car insurance companies won’t cover a rental if you drive outside of the U.S., though some will provide coverage in Canada and Mexico.[4]

See our related research to find out more about taking a rental car to Canada or Mexico.

Coverage Policies by Insurer

Below, we list the rental car coverage policies at major U.S. car insurance companies.

We confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives and reviewing each company’s policy online.

Insurers With Equal Coverage for Rentals

The following insurers offer rental coverage equal to your current policy.

You can expect the same deductibles, covered repairs, and claims process as you’re used to with your personal vehicle(s).

  • AAA (as long as you have comprehensive and collision coverage)[7]
  • Allstate (as long as you’re renting for personal use, not for business)[3]
  • American Family[8][9]
  • Amica[10][11]
  • Farmers (for most types of rental vehicles)[12]
  • Progressive[1][13]
  • Root[14]

Insurance Companies That May Cover Rentals

The following major car insurance providers may offer rental coverage equal to your current policy.

However, the available coverage will vary depending on your individual policy details.

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  2. Travelers customer service (888) 832-6403[][]
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  19. State Farm customer service (800) 782-8332[]
  20. USAA customer service (800) 531-8722[]

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