Grifols New Donor Bonus & Referral Programs Explained

Arm of a plasma donor during the donation process

Short Answer — Grifols offers bonuses for new donors and referrals. Rates vary by location, but the new donor bonus may be as much as twice the regular rate for a single donation, and you can receive it for your first few visits.

Grifols New Donor Bonus Program

Grifols plasma donation centers offer a bonus for new donors (typically for the first few visits), though the bonus amount varies by location.[1]

While the company does not pay directly for plasma, it does compensate donors for their time and effort, and donors can visit up to twice per week.[2]

To qualify for the bonus, you need to meet the donation requirements (listed below) and be a new Grifols donor.

While rates vary, you can usually earn around $75 to $80 each for your first five visits (compared to around $40 to $55 each for subsequent visits).[1]

The bonus applies to more than just the first visit because donors need to make at least two donations before their plasma can be used.[3]

The company generally compensates its donors using prepaid debit cards.[4] The best way to get an accurate rate is to contact your nearest Grifols donation center.

To find the best rates for plasma donation in your area, check out our post on plasma donation centers by region.

Other Bonuses at Grifols

In addition to a bonus program for new donors, Grifols also offers a referral bonus through its Buddy Bonus Program.

If you’re a qualified donor and refer someone who also qualifies and makes a donation, you can receive a bonus of up to $100.[5][1]

The company advertises other periodic bonus programs online and on its social media pages.

Donation Requirements

To donate plasma at Grifols, you’ll need to meet several requirements, including the following:[6]

  • 18 to 69 years old
  • Over 110 pounds
  • Generally in good health

After verification with a valid photo ID, you’ll undergo a medical questionnaire and may need to complete a physical exam.

If you don’t qualify, you’ll be rejected, meaning you can’t donate, or deferred, meaning you can reapply at a later date.[7]

While stricter than FDA donation standards, Grifols’s donation requirements are meant to prevent the possible transmission of diseases like HIV. Individuals who are temporarily deferred will be put on a registry until their deferral period expires.[8]

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