Harris Teeter Check Cashing FAQ: Accepted Check Types, Fees, & Limits

Harris Teeter sign on the outside of a store

Short Answer

Harris Teeter does not cash checks for customers and shoppers. Harris Teeter makes one exception to this rule and does cash payroll checks for its own employees. To learn more about the Harris Teeter check cashing policy, as well as other grocery stores that cash checks, see below.

Does Harris Teeter Cash Checks?

North Carolina-based grocery store Harris Teeter, which operates over 250 stores in seven states and the District of Columbia, does not cash checks. The grocery chain’s checking cashing service is limited to payroll checks for Harris Teeter employees. According to Harris Teeter customer service representatives, and a subsequent email from the store’s customer service department, Harris Teeter will only cash payroll checks issued to its own staff.

Grocery stores may choose not to offer check cashing because of the risk of cashing a bad check. The limitation to Harris Teeter’s own payroll checks eliminates that risk — since the store will only cash checks it wrote, it knows the checks will be good.

As an alternative to check cashing, you can get cash back when shopping at Harris Teeter. You can pay for your groceries with a personal check and request up to $25 cash back. When paying with a personal check, you must present a valid, government-issued photo ID.

In Summary

Harris Teeter doesn’t cash checks (except for payroll checks for Harris Teeter employees), but you can pay with a check and get up to $25 cash back. If you want to grocery shop and cash a check in the same trip, take a look at our list of over 30 grocery stores that cash checks, including personal, payroll, insurance, and more. Note that each store has its own policies, including different limits, fees, and ID requirements.


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