Summit Racing Military Discount Policy Explained

There are various businesses that choose to show appreciation for members of the military through special discounts.

Whether you love off-roading, racing, or simply customizing your personal vehicle, automotive parts can be expensive, making military discounts all the more useful.

Summit Racing Equipment is one auto parts retailer that honors service members with a discount.

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Summit Racing Equipment’s military discount is available to active-duty and service members.[1]

The discount amount varies depending on which item(s) you purchase.[1]

Below, I’ve compiled more details of Summit Racing’s military discount policy, including how to get it and how much you can potentially save.

Summit Racing Military Discount Policy

Summit Racing Equipment offers a variable-amount military discount for both active-duty and retired service members.[1]

The discount amount varies depending on the item(s) you’re purchasing. It’s based on the price markup rather than a set percentage.[1][2]

I spoke with several Summit Racing customer service representatives to confirm more details of the policy.

Potential Savings

You can typically expect to save anywhere from around 5% to 15% on qualifying items, though particular items may be eligible for larger or smaller discounts.[1]

If you want to know what the discount is for a particular item before making your purchase, you can ask a salesperson at the store or contact Summit Racing Equipment’s customer service department.[1]


Some exclusions apply to Summit Racing Equipment’s military discount.[1]

Particular products may not qualify for the discount at the discretion of the store or the brand.[1]

The representatives I spoke with were unable to provide a list of excluded brands or items, but if you have questions about whether a particular item qualifies for the discount, you can contact Summit Racing’s customer service department at (800) 230-3030 to check.[1]

You also can’t use the discount on clearance items or combine it with other discounts (like price matching).[1]

How to Get the Discount


Let a store associate know that you’re a military member, and they’ll apply the discount to your purchase.[1]

Summit Racing generally doesn’t require you to show your military ID to get the discount.[1]


To get the military discount on an online order, you’ll need to place the order, then contact customer service and provide the order number.[1][2]

The associate who assists you will give you a price adjustment, meaning a partial refund will appear on your card once the order ships.[1][2]

To have the discount applied before you place the order, you’ll need to place the order with a salesperson and pay with a credit card.[1] You can call (800) 230-3030 for assistance.

Other Ways to Save

If the item(s) you’re purchasing don’t qualify for a military discount, there are other ways to save at Summit Racing.

These include:

  • Price matching: Summit has a “Beat-a-Price Guarantee” that will match competitors’ advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product. You must provide proof of the advertised price, and there are a few exclusions, including closeouts, “open box” prices, and wholesale/club pricing.[3]
  • Rewards: Through the Speed Points program, members earn one point for every dollar spent at Summit Racing. Once you reach 500 points, you’ll get 15 “Summit Bucks” to use on your next purchase.[4]
  • Deals and promotions: These include discounts on specific items and brands, which change regularly.[5] See all of the current promotions on the Summit Racing Savings Central webpage.

Tip: Even if a military discount is available for your item(s), it’s a good idea to check these options before making your purchase to be sure you’re getting the best price.

For example, the product you want may have a 10% military discount but a 40% off promotion available.


Is the discount available for all branches of the military?

Yes, the discount is available to all branches, including the National Guard.[2]

Is there a discount code associated with the military discount?

No, you don’t need a discount code to use the military discount; a salesperson will apply the discount for you for both in-store and for online purchases, following the process described above.[1][2]

Does the discount program also include other government employees or first responders?

No, this discount is specifically for military service members.[1]

In Summary

Summit Racing Equipment offers a discount for veteran and active-duty service members from all branches of the U.S. military.[1]

Rather than a set percentage, the discount is based on the markup and varies by item; however, savings usually start around 5%.[1]

You can’t combine the military discount with other promotions,[1] so it’s a good idea to check the other available deals if you want to be sure you’re getting the best price.

Feel free to share your experiences or any questions you have about Summit Racing Equipment’s military savings and other discounts in the comments section below.

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