Tim Hortons’ Senior Discount Policy Explained

A Tim Hortons storefront with bikes in front

Short Answer — Most Tim Hortons locations offer a 10% senior discount, but, because locations are independently owned and operated, not all do.

Tim Hortons’ Senior Discount Policy

Tim Hortons does not mention a senior discount policy on its website, so we contacted multiple store locations and found that many — but not all — Tim Hortons locations offer a senior discount.

That’s because Tim Hortons locations are franchises and are independently owned and operated.

When placing an order at your nearest Tim Hortons, you can ask the cashier if there is a senior discount. If there is, you should receive 10% off your order.

Each franchise can set the age requirement for its senior discount; proof of age is not generally required.

For other places with discounts, see our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

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