Tops Check Cashing FAQ: Hours, Fees, Limits, Check Types, etc

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Short Answer — Tops Friendly Markets will cash payroll and government checks at most locations. The limit varies and there’s a $1 to $3 fee per check.

Tops Check Cashing Policies

Tops Friendly Markets cashes payroll and government checks at most locations, but select Tops stores don’t offer any money services.

It’s best to contact your local store to confirm which services are available.

We called Tops Friendly Markets in New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont to verify the check cashing policies.

Limits and Fees

You can cash payroll checks and some government checks at Tops. The limit is determined by each individual and their financial history with Certegy.[1]

Tops doesn’t cash personal checks, handwritten checks, two-party checks, third-party, traveler’s checks, or other types of checks outside of payroll checks and some government checks.[1]

The check cashing fee for both payroll and government checks is $1 or $3 per check, depending on the store’s location.[1]

How to Cash a Check at Tops

To cash a check at Tops, head to the customer service desk, where you’ll present your check and a valid, government-issued photo ID.[1]

Tops’ check cashing hours are regular Customer Service Desk hours — this varies by location and may be affected by staffing availability. Call your local Tops store to check for exact hours.[1]


Tops uses Certegy, a third-party check verification company.[1][2]

If Certegy denies your check, you can use Certegy’s online declined check lookup or call the company at (800) 237-3826 to find out why your check was declined.

Other Money Services at Tops

Tops Friendly Markets also offer a few other money services at most locations.

Tops sells (but doesn’t cash) Western Union brand money orders. See our dedicated research for more information about money orders at Tops. It also offers Western Union money transfers.

Tops stores also have Coinstar machines that you can use to count your coins and get paper money (for a fee), gift cards, Tops store credit, or a charitable donation in return.[3]

Other Places That Cash Checks

If Tops doesn’t meet your check cashing needs or you’d like to compare other options, see our list of grocery stores that cash checks.

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