Vons Money Order Policy Explained

Money orders are a safe way to send money, pay bills through the mail, and track where your money goes.

Picking up money orders while you're already out shopping makes them even easier to use.

Vons is one store where you can get groceries and money orders in the same place.

Exterior of a Vons store

You can buy a Western Union money order at Vons with a debit card or cash. However, Vons doesn’t cash money orders.[1][2]

Limits range from $500 to $1,000 per money order and purchase fees are around $1 each.[1]

Below, I outline the details of Vons’ money order policy, plus answer common questions about money services at Vons.

Vons Money Order Policy

You can purchase a Western Union money order at Vons using cash or a debit card.[1][2]

You can’t pay for your money order with a credit card or personal check.[1][2]

Vons also doesn’t cash money orders — even those originally purchased at Vons.[1]

In order to find the details for Vons’ money order policy, I contacted multiple locations in California and Nevada, as well as its corporate customer service department.

Fees and Limits

You can purchase a money order of up to $500 or $1,000, depending on the location. There is no limit to how many money orders you can purchase.[1]

This means that if you need $2,000 in money orders but your local store’s limit is $500 per money order, for example, you can buy four $500 money orders.

Fees vary by location but are typically around $0.89 to $0.99 per money order, so if you buy multiple money orders, you will pay this fee for each one.[1]


For money orders totaling less than $3,000, Vons doesn’t generally require an ID.[1]

If your money orders total $3,000 or more, you must present a valid photo ID and fill out additional paperwork.[1]

Refunding a Money Order

Vons doesn’t give refunds for money orders.[1] Instead, you’ll need to contact Western Union at (800) 999-9660 to check the status of the money order.[3]

As long as the recipient hasn’t cashed the money order, you can then request a refund from Western Union. Note that you’ll pay a $15 non-refundable processing fee (deducted from the refund).[3]

Tip: If you purchased a money order but didn’t fill it out or send it, you can write it to yourself and cash it to avoid the refund processing fee. You’ll just list yourself as both the recipient and the purchaser. See more on how to fill out a money order.


If Vons doesn’t work for you, there are several other places where you can get a money order.

To compare your options, check out the list of places (including grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies) where you can buy money orders.


Does Vons cash checks?

Check cashing services can vary by location, but you may be able to cash a printed payroll check or government check. Vons doesn’t cash other check types, such as cashier’s checks.[1]

What hours are Vons’ money services available?

Vons’ store hours vary by location, but money orders are generally available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.[1]

Does Vons offer any other money services aside from selling money orders?

Vons stores generally have an ATM near the customer service counter where you can use your debit card to check the balance of your bank account or withdraw cash.[1]

In Summary

You can use a debit card or cash to purchase a money order for up to $500 or $1,000 at Vons, depending on the location.[1][2]

However, you can’t cash a money order and Vons doesn’t do in-store money order refunds.[1][2]

The purchase fees are around $1 per money order with no limit on how many you can purchase.[1]

Note that if the total value of your money orders is $3,000 or more, you must provide a valid photo ID and fill out extra paperwork.[1]

You can share any comments or questions that come to mind regarding the Vons money order policy below. You’re also welcome to engage with others and let them know how things went for you.

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