Where to Buy an Apple Gift Card (+ Where You Can’t)

Exterior of an Apple Store location

You can buy an Apple gift card at Apple’s website, in the Apple Store app, or at any Apple Store.[1]

Of course, an alternative may be simpler if you don’t have an Apple store nearby or you’re not familiar with shopping for Apple products.

To save you the hassle of finding one, I have the list of major retailers that sell Apple gift cards, such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.[2][3][4] I also detail each business’s purchase options (in-store or online).

Apple gift cards are nonreloadable, never expire, and there are no additional fees when purchasing from a third-party retailer.[5][6][7]

Note that the Apple gift card’s appearance is similar to the Apple Store gift card. The Apple Store gift card can only be used to make purchases at the Apple Store, apple.com, or by calling (800) 692-7753,[8] whereas the Apple gift card allows you to shop the App Store in addition to these options.[9][10]

You can differentiate the two by looking for the colorful apple symbol against a white background on the Apple gift card. In contrast, Apple Store gift cards are solid silver, gray, gold, or white.[9]

The List

Below, I list the places you can buy an Apple gift card, beginning with the best overall options. I confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives and viewing company websites.

Keep in mind that gift card availability may vary by location and what’s in stock.

Walmart logo


Walgreens logo


Best Buy logo

Best Buy

Target logo


Kroger logo



CVS logo


Lowes logo


Rite Aid logo

Rite Aid

Publix logo


Dollar General logo

Dollar General

Albertsons logo


Stores That Don’t Sell Apple Gift Cards

In the course of my research, I found that the following retailers do not sell Apple gift cards:

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