19 Places Where You Can Cash Starter Checks

Because starter checks are associated with new bank accounts that lack a financial history, some places won't cash them.

Knowing where you can go to cash a starter check will save you the time and effort of visiting places that don't accept them.

Person putting cash in an envelope after cashing a starter check

Below, I list the places where you can cash a starter check, including banks, credit unions, and check cashing stores, complete with each option’s fees and requirements.

I also explain what to know about starter checks and answer common questions about cashing them.

What I Recommend

Your best option for cashing a starter check will be your own bank since there is no fee.[1]

Keep in mind, though, that most banks only give cash up to the amount you have in your bank account. If the amount of the check exceeds your balance, the bank will likely deposit the rest into your account.[1]

The next best thing is to cash a starter check at the issuing bank. Some banks don’t charge fees when non-members cash one of their checks and those that do generally charge less than check cashing stores.[1]

Comparison Table

You can use this table to compare fees for each bank, credit union, and check cashing store.

Note that fees listed for banks and credit unions are only for non-account holders.

You can also tap on each business name to go directly to more detailed information about its policy.

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The List

The following places cash starter checks. I’ve divided the list into sections for banks/credit unions and check cashing stores so you can more easily find the option that works best for your check.

I confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives and each business’s online policy documentation.

Banks and Credit Unions

Note that the fees listed below are for non-account holders. Check cashing services are free if you’re a member.

Bank of America logo

Bank of America

  • Fees: None for Bank of America checks under $50; $8 for Bank of America checks over $50 and for all other starter checks[2][3]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID (one can be a debit card from another institution)[2]
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BMO Harris Bank logo

BMO Harris Bank

  • Fees: None for checks under $50; $10 for checks over $50[4][5]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID; check must be drawn on BMO Harris Bank; non-customers can generally only cash checks up to $3,000, though this is at the discretion of each bank’s manager.[4]
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Chase Bank logo

Chase Bank

Citibank logo


Citizens Bank logo

Citizens Bank

  • Fees: $7[8]
  • Requirements: Valid ID; non-account holders can only cash Citizens Bank starter checks.[8]
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Connexus Credit Union logo

Connexus Credit Union

  • Fees: None[9]
  • Requirements: Valid ID; non-customers can only cash Connexus Credit Union starter checks.[9]
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Fifth Third Bank logo

Fifth Third Bank

  • Fees: 2% of the check with a $5 minimum[10]
  • Requirements: Government-issued ID; checks not drawn on Fifth Third Bank must pass its verification system.[10]
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Navy Federal Credit Union logo

  • Fees: None[11]
  • Requirements: Valid ID; non-members can only cash Navy Federal Credit Union starter checks.[11]
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Old National Bank logo

Old National Bank

  • Fees: None[12]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID (one can be a bill); must be drawn on Old National Bank for non-customers; limits for non-customers are at the discretion of each branch, but Old National Bank doesn’t typically cash large checks.[12]
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PenFed Credit Union logo

PenFed Credit Union

  • Fees: None[13]
  • Requirements: Valid ID; PenFed Credit Union will only cash checks for account holders.[13]
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PNC Bank logo

PNC Bank

  • Fees: No charge for checks less than $25; 2% of the check amount for checks greater than $25 ($2 minimum)[14][15]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID (one can be a debit or credit card); non-customers can only cash starter checks drawn on PNC Bank.[16]
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Regions Bank logo

Regions Bank

  • Fees: 6% of the check[17]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID; starter checks must pass its third-party verification system.[17]
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TD Bank logo

TD Bank

  • Fees: $10[18]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID; non-customers can only cash checks drawn on TD Bank and must provide two forms of ID.[19][18]
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Truist One Checking

Truist Bank

  • Fees: $8[20]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID; checks must be drawn on Truist Bank for non-customers.[20]
  • Find a location

US Bank logo

U.S. Bank

  • Fees: $7[21]
  • Requirements: Valid ID; non-account holders can only cash checks drawn on U.S. Bank.[21]
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Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo

Check Cashing Stores

Keep in mind that at all of the following check cashing stores, checks typically must pass verification before cashing.

If the store can’t verify the check and funds availability, it won’t be able to cash it.

Advance Financial logo

Advance Financial

  • Fees: 1% to 5% or a minimum of $5, whichever is larger[23]
  • Requirements: Valid government-issued ID[23]
  • Find a location

Money Mart logo

Money Mart

Amscot logo


Tip: Starter checks expire in the same time frame as regular personal checks, which is typically six months after the owner dates it.[12][29][30] To avoid an expired check, keep it somewhere where you’ll see it often or set a reminder for yourself if you don’t plan to cash it right away.

Places Where You Can’t Cash a Starter Check

The following places generally don’t cash starter checks.

However, policies may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check with your local store if you prefer to cash checks at one of these businesses.


Is a temporary check the same thing as a starter check?

Yes, temporary checks, starter checks, and counter checks are all the same thing.[21]

How does a starter check differ from a regular check?

Starter checks generally have the bank’s routing number and the account number printed on the front just like a normal check, but may not include the account holder’s personal information.[4]

What happens if you cash or deposit a bad starter check?

Generally, you can’t cash a starter check if the check writer has insufficient funds. Most check cashing businesses have verification systems to prevent you from cashing or depositing a bad check.[35][25][10] If you deposit a bad starter check, the bank or credit union can reverse the refunds and remove them from your account.[10][17][36]

Can you deposit a starter check via mobile deposit?

This will depend on your bank, but you can generally use mobile deposit with a starter check.[21][22]

Can you deposit a starter check at an ATM?

This also depends on your bank, but you can typically deposit starter checks at the ATM following the same rules and guidelines you would for depositing other checks.[21][22]

In Summary

Due to the indication of a lack of financial history, some places that cash checks won’t cash starter checks.

However, you can usually cash starter checks at your own bank or the issuing bank. Keep in mind that the issuing bank may charge non-customers a fee.

You can also cash starter checks at some check cashing stores, though these stores often charge larger fees than banks and credit unions.

Feel free to share comments or questions regarding cashing starter checks in the comments section below. You can also relate how things went for you if you think it could be helpful to others.

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