Does Whole Foods Do Cash Back? Answered

Exterior of a Whole Foods Market store

Does Whole Foods do cash back? Whole Foods Market stores offer cash back up to $100 on debit card purchases. Whole Foods Market sells a variety of health products and organic foods. Some stores even have restaurants and coffee shops onsite. We have what you need to know about Whole Foods Market’s cash back policy and information on other grocery stores that offer cash back.

Does Whole Foods Do Cash Back?

Here’s the Whole Foods cash back policy in detail. Whole Foods Market offers cash back, with a minimum request of $1 and a maximum request of $100. Whole Foods’ cash-back policy is universal across all locations, a corporate customer service representative said. You must purchase an item in-store to request cash back, but there are no restrictions on how much you need to spend. It’s important to note that cash back is only available on debit card transactions.

Other Grocery Stores That Offer Cash Back

Like Whole Foods Market, many other grocery stores offer cash back. Some provide more flexibility, allowing cash back not only on debit card transactions but also Discover credit transactions, personal checks, and EBT cards. Most stores that offer cash back do not impose transaction fees, and limits can range from $50 to $300. For specific stores, see our article: Stores That Give Cash Back on Checking, Debit, and Credit Transactions.

In Summary

And that’s the Whole Foods cash back policy in plain language. All Whole Foods Market locations offer cash back. In order to receive cash back at Whole Foods, you must purchase an item from the store, but there is no purchase minimum. You can request $1 to $100 cash back. Why not seize the day and purchase a chocolate bar while drawing out the maximum $100 in cash?


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