Most rent to own stores lease furniture, electronics, and major appliances to consumers with payments set up on a weekly or monthly basis. Customers have the option to buy if they choose to do so.

Rent to own stores provide many benefits over buying. Payments are usually less than a loan payment. Those looking to rent to own often do so because of the lower payment amounts or because of the number of choices available. Renting to own also allows consumers to try items before making a large investment.

This can be especially helpful for electronics purchases with technology changing so quickly. Other benefits include customers not having to move items themselves or haul off old items because many stores will do it for them. Many times, free repairs are included in the rental agreement.

People from all walks of life rent to own, including married couples with children, college students, homeowners, and apartment dwellers. Rent to own stores appeal to those with less than perfect credit or no credit because a credit check is often not required. The rent to own process even allows customers to establish or build their credit rating.

The following article cover the best rent to own furniture stores — some with no credit check required. Enjoy!

In This Article

  • The List of Major Rent to Own Stores that Sell Furniture

  • Items Offered for Lease

  • Credit Check Requirements

  • Payment Options

  • Locations

  • Delivery Options

  • The Store Nearest to You

The List of Rent to Own Furniture Stores

1. Aaron’s

  • What items does Aaron’s lease? This retailer leases furniture and accessories for every room, mattresses, computers, electronics, smartphones, and large appliances.
  • Credit check requirements: Instead of a credit check, the customer must provide income verification, address, and personal references.
  • Payment options: Aaron’s offers flexible lease options of 12, 18, or 24 months as well as 120 days same as cash (90 days in California). Payments can be made online. Paying off the item early will the customer save money. When the last payment is made, the customer owns the item.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and set up are offered.
  • Start shopping online or find a store near you.

2. Affordable Rent-to-Own

  • What items does Affordable Rent-to-Own lease? This retailer leases furniture, computers, electronics, and large appliances. Affordable Rent-to-Own also offers home staging and will work with the homeowner or real estate agent.
  • Credit check requirements: Customers must fill out an application online or in the store.
  • Payment options: Affordable Rent-to-Own offers flexible payment plans that coincide with customers’ paychecks. They also offer six months same as cash and cash and carry. Payment can be made online.
  • Location: Tucson, AZ
  • Delivery options: Free delivery is offered for rent-to-own and six months same as cash customers. Cash and carry and short-term rentals include a delivery fee.
  • Start shopping at an Affordable Rent-to-Own store near you.

3. Buddy’s Home Furnishings

  • What items does Buddy’s Home Furnishings lease? Buddy’s leases furniture for every room of the house as well as home office equipment, computers, major appliances, outdoor equipment, and air conditioning units.
  • Credit check requirements: Customers must fill out an application. Applications can be completed in the store, over the phone, or online.
  • Payment options: Buddy’s offers flexible payment options with payments accepted online.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Free delivery available.
  • Start shopping at a Buddy’s store near you.

4. ColorTyme Rent-to-Own

  • What items does ColorTyme lease? This retailer offers furniture, large appliances, computers, electronics, smartphones, air conditioners, and home décor items for lease.
  • Credit check requirements: Customers can complete an application online and receive pre-approval in a few minutes. The only requirements are a place to live, income verification, and references.
  • Payment options: ColorTyme offers flexible payment options with no money down, or items can be purchased for cash. Payments can be made online.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Same day delivery with set up is free.
  • Start shopping at ColorTyme near you.

5. Conn’s Home Plus

  • What items does Conn’s lease? The retailer has choices of furniture available for every room of the house in addition to patio furniture, home office furniture, and home décor items. They also lease large appliances, TVs and electronics, and computers.
  • Credit check requirements: Conn’s requires a credit check for both its in-store financing program and store credit card. The in-store financing program offers a no interest promotion on select, qualifying purchases. Many people who have been turned down at other retailers can get financing through this program. Consumers can apply online or in the store and receive approval within minutes. Payments are reported monthly to the three major credit bureaus.
  • Payment options: Consumers have a variety of payment options at Conn’s which include store credit cards, retail installment contracts, rent to own programs, and the store financing program.
  • Locations: The southern half of the United States
  • Delivery options: Conn’s offers next day delivery in its local markets. Conn’s will even haul away used furniture and appliances at any time an appointment is scheduled.
  • Start shopping at a Conn’s location near you.

6. FlexShopper

  • What items does FlexShopper lease? This retailer leases furniture for every room of the house, large appliances, small appliances, gaming systems, computers, fitness equipment, musical instruments, tires, and lawn and garden equipment.
  • Credit check requirements: FlexShopper obtains a credit report from either Factor Trust, Inc., or Clarity Services, Inc., but not from any of the three major credit reporting agencies. Customers must fill out an application and have monthly income of at least $1,000, a bank account that has been active for at least 90 days, and no more than one non-sufficient check returned in the last 30 days.
  • Payment options: Payments are due weekly unless the customer can show that he or she is paid bi-weekly or once a month. Payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer’s bank account. Customers also have the options of paying the cash price, 90 days same as cash, or paying for the item early.
  • Locations: Nationwide (online only)
  • Delivery options: FlexShopper ships directly to the home.
  • Start shopping at FlexShopper.

7. National Rent-to-Own

  • What items does National Rent-to-Own lease? National Rent-to-Own stores carry furniture for every room, computers, electronic equipment, large appliances, TVs, and smartphones.
  • Credit check requirements:
  • Payment options: National Rent-to-Own accepts most major credit and debit cards. The retailer offers 90 days same as cash for customers who wish to pay the cash rental price on the rental agreement in full within 90 days. It also offers flexible payment options to line up with when the customer gets paid. Payments can be made online through the store’s portal.
  • Locations: Missouri and Illinois only
  • Delivery options: Free delivery is offered. Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Start shopping at a National Rent-to-Own store near you.

8. Rent-2-Own

  • What items does Rent-2-Own lease? Rent-2-Own leases furniture, large appliances, computers, electronics, smartphones, gaming equipment, tires, jewelry, and tools.
  • Credit check requirements: Customers must fill out an application.
  • Payment options: Rent-2-Own provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options that align with when the customer gets paid. The store also offers 120 days same as cash. Payments are accepted online.
  • Locations: Ohio and Kentucky only
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and set up are offered.
  • Start shopping at a Rent-2-Own store near you.

9. Rent One

  • What items does Rent One lease? Rent One leases furniture, large appliances, electronics, smartphones, and designer purses and seasonal items.
  • Credit check requirements: Customers fill out an application and provide their address, source of income, and personal references.
  • Payment options: Flexible payment options are available, and payments can be made online. Rent One offers a discount to military veterans. The retailer also offers the Care Plus program, which is an optional program for customers who wish to receive additional discounts from retail partners.
  • Locations: Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee
  • Delivery options: Delivery options vary by store location.
  • Start shopping at a Rent One store near you.

10. Sears Lease It Program and Kmart’s Lease-and-Go Program

  • What items do Sears and Kmart lease? These retailers lease furniture, large appliances, mattresses, electronics, tools, Sears automotive, and lawn and garden equipment.
  • Credit check requirements: Instead, the customer must fill out an application and meet the following requirements: be over 18, have a photo ID, have a valid social security number, and verification of income.
  • Payment options: The first payment is made in the store at the time the lease is made, and then an ongoing payment schedule is set up. Applications for lease are taken in the store or over the phone. Leasing terms are for 30, 60, and 90 days with higher interest rates offered for longer lease periods. Payments are automatically taken out of the customer’s bank account.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Sears and Kmart charge for delivery. If these retailers haul off an old appliance that is being replaced, the stores charge an extra $25 per item.
  • Start shopping at a Sears or Kmart near you.

In Summary

If you were looking for rent to own furniture stores, we hope that one of these stores perfectly matches your needs. These stores are typically best for those who want to try an item before making a large investment or who need to build their credit. Rent to own stores offer a wide variety of items and flexible payment schedules to work with their customers. If possible, pay off the item early to save money. Shop online and pick out your items before going into the store to save time. Enjoy the versatility of the rent to own experience!