List of Car Rental Companies With Unlimited Mileage (Even Out of State)

Pricing a car rental can get tricky — you’ve got the baseline daily fee, plus fuel, insurance, and sometimes a per-mile charge. But, some car rental companies simplify everything by offering unlimited mileage plans, meaning no matter how many miles you put on your rental, the price you pay remains the same. You can drive vehicles from each of these rental companies as far as you need to and beyond — including a cross-country road trip, in some cases — all for a flat rate (unless we tell you otherwise). We’ll also cover whether or not the company requires you to return the vehicle to the same location at which you acquired it.

If you are looking to drive a rental car long distances or even across the country, you will need to pay close attention to any fine print regarding unlimited miles and out-of-state travel. Unlimited mileage plans may come with fees and/or restrictions on where you can drive and when you can drive. Plan your trip ahead of time and compare limited and unlimited mileage costs. If you won’t go over a limited mileage limit by much, that option might actually be cheaper.

And if you are a frequent renter, joining a company’s loyalty program can save you money and you’ll often receive perks like free car upgrades. Most companies have a rewards program, and we’ve noted them in the lists below.

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Rental Companies That Always Offer Unlimited Mileage

Note: If details regarding a company’s rental policies weren’t available online, we confirmed the information with corporate customer service.

Avis Rent A Car

Budget Rent a Car

Fox Rent A Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, all rentals come with unlimited mileage in the United States, as long as you are renting from a corporate office.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, but only for those traveling between corporate locations (in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Washington); additional drop charges will be applied.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, with conditions. All rental rates include unlimited miles, but cars rented from a Fox location in Florida must stay within the state of Florida. Rentals originating in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Washington can only be driven in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Rentals originating in Texas can only be driven within Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Take a closer look at the Fox Rental Policies page, under “Geographic” for more details on out-of-state rules.
  • Rewards program: Fox Rewards members earn points toward future rental fees or store gift cards. Learn more about Fox Rewards.
  • Reserve a vehicle with Fox Rent A Car



  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, you can choose unlimited mileage; the fee for unlimited mileage varies by location. Miles included are 150 miles per day, 900 miles per week and 3,000 miles per month. Extra miles are billed at an additional charge.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, varies by location; call your desired location to confirm. A one-way rental rate and drop fee may apply.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, but out-of-state charges are assessed when you drive the car out of the state in which it was rented. Contact Rent-A-Wreck at (877) 877-0700 for more details.
  • Rewards program: None available
  • Reserve a vehicle with Rent-A-Wreck

Thrifty Car Rental

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, you can choose unlimited mileage, but capped mileage may be less expensive.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, but only at some locations. Visit the Thrifty Car Rental website and click the box that says, “return to different location” and then fill out the online rental form. A list of alternative drop-off locations will display when you’re done. We did a test search for cars from Boston to LA, and a one-way fee of about $40 per day applied.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, but out-of-state charges may be assessed. Contact Thrifty at (800) 847-4389 for more details.
  • Rewards program: Members of the Blue Chip program get quicker car pick up and return, and rewards. Learn more about Thrifty Blue Chip.

Rental Companies That Sometimes Offer Unlimited Mileage

ACE Rent A Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, unlimited mileage is offered at some locations for some rentals; contact ACE for more information at (877) 822-3872 or go to ACE’s website.
  • One-way rental offered? Limited availability by location; fees and rental restrictions may apply.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, but additional charges may apply. ACE offers limited cross-border travel to nearby states at certain locations.
  • Rewards program: Rental Genius members get points redeemable for rewards. Learn more about Rental Genius.
  • Reserve a vehicle with ACE Rent A Car

Advantage Rent A Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, but unlimited mileage is offered only for customers flying in and renting from an Advantage Rent A Car airport location. If you qualify, you can drive out of state under this program.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, varies by location; call (800) 777-5500 or contact your desired location to confirm policies relevant to your rental.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes
  • Rewards program: Members of the Advantage Awards program can earn free days and discounts on gas and rentals. Learn more about Advantage Awards.
  • Reserve a vehicle with Advantage
  • See if you can get a military discount at Advantage

Alamo Rent a Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, unlimited mileage is available at certain locations and for certain vehicles, such as compact cars.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, but a drop charge will be assessed for one-way rentals. There are no drop charges for airport-to-airport rentals.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes
  • Rewards program: Members of the Alamo Insiders program get 5% off rentals. Learn more about Alamo Insiders.
  • Reserve a vehicle with Alamo

Dollar Rent A Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, unlimited mileage is offered at some locations; call your desired location for details.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, as long as you stay within the continental United States; drop fees may apply. Each location has different policies, so call ahead to confirm the policy at your desired location. We did a test search for cars from Boston to LA, and the one-way fee was around $40 per day.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, but some charges may apply.
  • Rewards program: Dollar Rent A Car offers some discounts, but no loyalty program.
  • Reserve a vehicle with Dollar Rent A Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

E-Z Rent-A-Car

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, unlimited mileage is offered to non-local renters, providing they do not travel outside of the geographical restrictions set in the individual location policies. (A “local” renter is defined as somebody who has a driver’s license issued by the state in which they are renting.)
  • One-way rental offered? Yes, one-way rentals are available, but only for non-local renters; expect to pay a drop charge. We ran a test search for cars from Boston to LA, and the drop fee was $1,500.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, though this policy may vary by location. Call your desired location to confirm out-of-state unlimited mileage policies.
  • Rewards program: E-Z Money members earn points that can be credited to future rentals. Learn more about E-Z Money.
  • Reserve a vehicle with E-Z Rent a Car

National Car Rental

U-Save Car & Truck Rental

  • Unlimited mileage offered? Yes, unlimited mileage varies by U-Save franchise location.
  • One-way rental offered? Yes; varies by location. Check with your desired location for details.
  • Allowed to take the vehicle out of state? Yes, at some locations.
  • Rewards program: None available
  • Reserve a vehicle with U-Save

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In Summary

It’s possible to rent a car with an unlimited mileage plan from most major car rental companies, but policies may vary by location.

Before you book, make sure to confirm the details of your rental with a customer service representative. You’ll want to make sure unlimited miles are available for your rental, find out if you take the vehicle out of state, and know if you’ll be able to drop the vehicle off at a different location from where you acquired it. You’ll also want to understand any fees or higher rental charges associated with choosing unlimited miles (if it’s not the company’s standard), taking the vehicle out of state, or selecting a one-way rental.

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  • This list was really helpful. I seldom have need for renting a car, so I’m in the dark about who has the best deals, etc. Thanks for your help!

  • We are planning to fly to Denver. And rent a car to go to South Dakota. Do you know which companies have unlimited mileage and allow cars to go out of state!

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Dee,

      We recommend Hertz for unlimited mileage. If you are a USAA or AAA member, you will automatically receive unlimited mileage on your rental. If you aren’t a member of AAA, purchasing an annual membership will ensure you receive unlimited miles on your rental. And it will provide you with emergency roadside assistance and other valuable perks for the cost of your membership.

  • I quit using Advantage because they changed their policy for local rentals from unlimited, to getting a 75/miles a day allowance with $0.25/mile overage.

    And for the first time that I can remember, Alamo is now limiting rentals to 200 miles/day with a $0.14/mile overage, and this was for a rental flying into the airport. Not to mention, they were advertising $15/day, but a 6 day rental priced out just for the rental at $150. When I challenged them, they admitted that the $15/day rental was for the first 2 days, and the last 4 days were $30/day, but no where in the fine print did they state that. Plus another $80 in taxes and fees. They’re now on my will avoid list.

  • ALICIA SNay says:

    Can you get unlimited miles w o cap if you use or book thru expedia or Travelocity. Planning trip from houston tx to key west fla and back . Need unlimited miles w no cap

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Alicia,

      You are almost always better off going directly through the rental car company of choice than through a travel site, as they can provide you with your full list of rental options.

  • Suzanne L says:

    I’m a long-time National customer and just noticed that they were going to add a 40 cent per mile charge to my reservation (pick up Phoenix, drop off LV). Never had this happen before. Luckily I noticed before I confirmed it. Went with Hertz and unlimited mileage.

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Suzanne,

      Way to catch this extra charge. At 40 cents a mile, your total rental charge could have been significantly more!

  • Patricia T says:

    Next month, we will be traveling from Houston TX and returning our rental in Ann Arbor, MI 7-8 days later. We are looking for unlimited milesge. What car rental company would you recommend?

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Patricia,

      All of the companies listed in our article have many locations throughout the U.S. and are worthy of a phone call to check on their availability to rent one-way and their latest rates. Good luck!

  • I’m traveling from Illinois to California round trip this summer. There’s concerns my car won’t make the trip so I am looking into possibly renting a car for apprxly. 2 weeks. I definitely need unlimited mileage – I’m also concerned about hidden or unnecessary fees, such as “holding’ money on my credit card. What is the best option for someone like myself who has no experience in renting vehicles. Would perhaps renting monthly be cheaper than renting for 2 weeks?

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Debra,

      We are so sorry we didn’t respond sooner. We make every attempt to respond within 24 hours. What makes sense financially (2 weeks vs a monthly rate) will really depend on a variety of factors. However, what you can expect is a credit card hold. Most companies will hold about $200 to ensure you have the funds to pay for the car rental and any damages to the vehicle. Good luck!

  • Denise Kingsbury says:

    We are thinking of renting a vehicle in Florida and travel to vt for two weeks and return the vehicle back in Florida
    We are looking for unlimited mileage.
    Is this possible

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Denise,

      Avis might be a good option for you; this company has numerous locations in Florida and typically offers unlimited out-of-state mileage. It’s worth using the Avis location finder to get the contact information for the branch where you plan to rent and verifying that this won’t be a problem before you make the reservation. Hertz is another company that might work for you. The listing of Hertz locations in Florida can be found here. Again, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the specific location where you’ll be renting to verify that out-of-state driving and unlimited mileage are included. I hope this helps!

  • Dennis W. Painter says:

    I just signed up with the Hertz plan because they appear to be a lot less expensive than Avis for the same type of vehicles. They also state the vehicles have unlimited mileage. Avis has been going up every year on prices so I switched. I am now renting from the Hertz Smyrna , Tennessee Airport location. I will be travelling all over the country and want to make sure I have unlimited mileage. Do you know if I might have a problem at this location?

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Dennis,

      I wasn’t able to find a specific unlimited mileage policy posted on the web page for the Smyrna, TN location of Hertz. To find out more details, I would recommend contacting that location directly; the phone number for the Smyrna Hertz is (615) 355-4755, and the office is open from Monday to Friday 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM (closed Saturday and Sunday). I hope this helps!

  • On a Fox rent a car rental, from a Florida location. Mileage is supposed to be unlimited withing the state of FL only. You list that it is OK to take the car out of state. Do you know if they will use gps tracking to monitor whether I leave the state or not once I return? Could they charge me any fees if they find that I did? I have a rental reservation and though it says it must stay in the state, it does not mention anywhere what penalties or mileage rates would apply if driven outside of the lines.

    Thank you.

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Ron,

      I definitely apologize for any frustration that the article has caused — you’re right that Fox locations in Florida do require that rentals stay within the state of Florida. This isn’t the policy of all Fox locations in all states, but unfortunately, while Fox locations in Florida still offer unlimited mileage, out-of-state driving is not permitted for these rentals. Fees will likely be assessed if the car is taken out of state. You can read the full details of the out-of-state driving policy under the “Geographic” section of the Fox Rental Car Policies page. Again, my apologies for the error on our part, and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

      The article has been updated to reflect this information.

  • William Lipovsky says:
    First Quarter Finance logostaff

    Hi Mike,

    I’m terribly sorry for the confusion. We had it on our list to update the Dollar information but hadn’t quite done it yet. Yes, Dollar does offer unlimited mileage but not at all locations. You can indeed rent from Louisville and get unlimited mileage. Though if you rent from a different Dollar location, definitely check before booking.

    The article has been updated to reflect this information.

  • Dyantyi Zukile says:

    Hi I’m allowed to rent a car although I dnt have cradit card? Unlimited kilometers cape town to east london for 7 days how much will cost me

  • Does enterprise offer unlimited mileage on one way rentals? We’re trying to plan a trip from colorodo to Georgia. I saw something on their site about 100 miles per day is included, but we would need unlimited miles for the trip we’re planning.

    • William Lipovsky says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Susy,

      Enterprise does offer unlimited mileage on one-way rentals. Though cost/certain limitations vary so Enterprise says you must request a custom quote before knowing for certain whether or not your trip qualifies for the unlimited mileage one-way option. When doing so, you must input your name and email address. This does not lock you into a contract but it’s something to note. I apologize that I cannot provide a more clear-cut answer. To get a custom quote, go to: (be sure to check the ‘Return to a different location’ box). If I can help with anything further, do not hesitate to ask another question.

      The article has been updated to reflect this information.

  • Stefani Graff says:

    I’ve been trying to rent from Avis with unlimited miles from Jackson Hole airport to Rapid City airport from 8/20 to 8/30 but they don’t seem to offer unlimited miles anymore. The cheapest I could find was Enterprise for an SUV or minivan.

  • Hi, Can I rent a car in the USA for a trip to canada with an unlimited mileage and return the car at the same agency. thank you

    • William Lipovsky says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Salah,

      Taking a rental car into Canada from the US is never an issue. Though you should inform the rental car company of your plans.

  • Thank you for the post! Trying to find rental for 23-days from LA round trip with Citi Credit card and AAA California. We’ve never tried Hertz or Budget before. Today they have good prices for our dates ( 08.13-09.03) and all looks fine until insurance price like $12-15/day or restrictions and hidden fees for mileages . What do you think? What other options we have to travel?
    *previous rentals were with Enterprise and SIXT but this time both don’t work

    Thank you

  • Satish Namana says:

    With Enterprise Car Rental, do i need to refill gas when taking 0 Miles (Over 0 $0.30/MI) option?

    • William Lipovsky says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Yes, you either need to refill the car to the point it was when you left or Enterprise will charge the fuel used to your bill.