Car Rentals That Accept Chime Credit Cards: Avis? Enterprise?

Man driving a rental car that accepts Chime credit cards

The Chime Credit Builder credit card is a part of the Visa network and should, in theory, be valid anywhere that takes Visa.

However, some car rental agencies and other businesses have placed restrictions on cards from Chime and other virtual banks due to instances of fraud.[1]

Below, we list the car rental agencies that do and do not accept Chime credit cards as payment.

What We Recommend

For an option that readily accepts both debit and credit cards from Chime, the best choice is Turo. Turo is a car-sharing service and typically offers lower prices than traditional rentals.

If you’d prefer a more traditional car rental agency or can’t find a Turo rental that suits your needs, Enterprise will accept Chime cards for most rentals. Note that airport locations tend to have stricter payment policies and requirements than non-airport agencies.

The List

The following rental agencies accept Chime credit cards for car rentals.

Remember that policies can vary by location, and you may run into an issue using your Chime card if your credit limit is low. You must have enough funds available on the card to cover all charges, deposits, and pre-authorizations related to your car rental.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup payment method available, especially if your credit card has a low limit.

Turo logo


  • Accepts Chime credit? Yes[2][3]
  • Accepts Chime debit? Yes[2][3]
  • Deposit amount: $200 to $950 depending on your trip details, age, and vehicle class; you’ll receive a discount by submitting your personal insurance information at the time of booking.[4]
  • Additional rules:
    • Card must be in the primary renter’s name[2]
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  • Accepts Chime credit? Yes[5][6]
  • Accepts Chime debit? Varies by location; airport locations have stricter rules for debit cards[5][6]
  • Deposit amount: Varies by location;[7] usually $200 to $400[5]
  • Additional rules:
    • The credit card must be in the primary renter’s name.[5]
    • The card’s signature must match the signature on the rental agreement.[5]
    • At airport locations, renters without a return travel itinerary must pay with a credit card, not a debit card.[5]
    • The renter’s driver’s license information must match the renter’s home address.[5]
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National Car Rental logo

National Car Rental

  • Accepts Chime credit? Yes[8]
  • Accepts Chime debit? Yes[8]
  • Deposit amount: Varies by location; usually $200 to $400[9]
  • Additional rules:
    • The credit card must be in the name of the primary driver.[9]
    • The signature must match the name printed on the card.[9]
    • If using a debit card at an airport location, you must have a ticketed travel return itinerary.[9]
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Silvercar by Audi logo

Silvercar by Audi

  • Accepts Chime credit? Yes[10][11]
  • Accepts Chime debit? No[10]
  • Deposit amount: $200[12]
  • Additional rules:
    • The credit card must be in the name of the primary driver.[10]
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If none of these rental options work for you, you might consider using a different form of payment. Explore your options in our research on car rentals that take other debit cards and prepaid cards.

Car Rentals That Don’t Accept Chime Credit Cards

In the course of our research, we found that the following car rental agencies don’t accept Chime cards or only accept them in limited circumstances.

Again, note that payment policies at car rental agencies vary by location. It’s best to check with the location you intend to visit to confirm its payment options.

  • ACE Rent A Car: Doesn’t accept the Credit Builder card — only bank-issued debit cards and traditional credit cards[13]
  • Alamo: Accepts Chime debit cards, but not the Credit Builder card[14]
  • Avis: Will only accept Chime credit cards at the time of vehicle return if able to authorize the total amount due; you must provide a different card to reserve the vehicle.[15][16]
  • Budget Car Rental: Accepts Chime credit cards at the time of rental return only[17]
  • Dollar Car Rental: Owned by Hertz and follows the same payment policy[18]
  • Fox Rent A Car: Doesn’t accept Chime credit cards under its location policies[19]
  • Hertz: Doesn’t accept secured or prepaid cards, including Chime’s secured credit card[20]
  • Payless Car Rental: Part of the Avis Budget Group; may accept Chime credit cards but only at the time of rental return if able to authorize the total remaining balance[21]
  • Rent-A-Wreck: Each location sets its own payment policies.[22]
  • SIXT: Doesn’t accept cards from online banking institutions, including Chime[23]
  • Thrifty: Owned by Hertz and follows the same payment policy[24]
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