Hannaford Check Cashing Policy: Fees, Limits, etc Explained

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Short Answer — Hannaford offers check cashing services at most of its stores (including 75% of those that we contacted). You’ll need to bring a state-issued photo ID and pay a fee of around $1.

Hannaford Check Cashing Policy

Hannaford offers check cashing at most locations, and the stores that do cash checks tend to follow a standard check cashing policy, which we detail below.

We contacted Hannaford stores across New England and found that about 75% of Hannaford locations cash checks.


To cash a check, you don’t need a membership or rewards card, and you don’t need to make a purchase at the store. Visit the customer service counter with a state-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, and provide your Social Security number.

Hannaford will cash a variety of check types, including:

  • Personal
  • Payroll
  • Government (Tax refunds, Social Security, etc.)

All checks must be printed; if you have a handwritten check, you’ll need to go elsewhere to cash it.

Fees & Limits

Hannaford typically charges a $1 fee for check cashing, though fees may vary by location.

The minimum check amount you can cash is $1, while there is a maximum transaction amount of $1,000 for one check and $1,200 for two checks.

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