Hy-Vee Check Cashing FAQ: Does It Cash Payroll Checks? etc

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Short Answer — Hy-Vee cashes checks at select stores. Each location is independently owned, so there’s no companywide check policy. Below, we explain more about the services and fees you might find at your local store.

Does Hy-Vee Cash Checks?

Each Hy-Vee location is independently owned, so it’s up to each store owner whether to offer check cashing services.

Based on information available on the Hy-Vee website, just a fraction of the stores offer this service. For example, we reviewed 90 Hy-Vee locations in Iowa and found that only 15 offer check cashing services.

You can check if your local Hy-Vee offers check cashing services by searching Hy-Vee’s store locator and searching for your store by zip code, state, or city. After your search, you will be shown a list of Hy-Vee stores in that area.

Find your desired store on the list and choose ‘store details’. Once on the store detail page, choose ‘Department Features’ on the left-hand column.

If the selected store offers check cashing services, it will be listed in either the customer service or general merchandise section on that page.

General Check Cashing Policy

Because each Hy-Vee location is independently owned, policies may vary from store to store.

However, we contacted several locations that offer check cashing services to provide you with general policies on check cashing:

Check Types

All locations we contacted limited check cashing to payroll checks. None of the stores cash handwritten payroll checks.


Limits vary by store, though most were set at $2,000 or $5,000 at the stores we checked.


We found that most stores charge between $2 and $6, depending on location and the amount of the check to be cashed.


If you have not used Hy-Vee’s check cashing service in the state, you must first enroll in Hy-Vee’s system.

To enroll, you are required to provide an in-state, government-issued ID. Several stores surveyed also required a second form of ID to enroll.


Hy-Vee’s store hours vary from one location to the next. Some are open 24 hours and therefore offer 24-hour check cashing services, while other stores have more limited hours, such as 5 a.m. to midnight.

If your local Hy-Vee doesn’t offer check cashing or you’d like to explore all of your options, see our list of grocery stores that cash checks.

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