Does Price Chopper Cash Checks? Answered

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Short Answer — Price Chopper cashes payroll and benefit checks for customers with AdvantEdge store rewards cards. There’s a $1 fee to cash most checks.

Price Chopper Check Cashing Policy

Price Chopper cashes pre-printed payroll and benefit checks (such as Social Security and unemployment).[1]

It doesn’t cash personal checks (except when getting cash back with a purchase), two-party checks, tax refunds, drafts, checks made payable to cash, starter checks, foreign checks, third-party checks, or traveler’s checks.[1][2]

To cash checks, you must have an AdvantEdge store rewards card.[1] If you don’t already have an AdvantEdge card, you can sign up online.

Note that you’ll need to verify your account in-store with your AdvantEdge card or key tag and a photo ID before cashing any checks.[1]


The fee to cash a check at Price Chopper varies depending on the check type.

The following checks are exempt from fees, meaning you can cash them for free:[1]

  • Manufacturer’s rebates up to $50
  • Pension/retirement checks
  • Social Security checks
  • Unemployment checks

For all other checks, including payroll, disability, public assistance, and child support, there’s a $1 fee.[1][2]


Certain limits apply depending on how long you’ve had your AdvantEdge card and when you first cashed a check at Price Chopper.

New Cards

Brand new AdvantEdge cards don’t offer payroll or personal check cashing. You’ll need to wait until your application processes.[1]

Approved Cards

If your AdvantEdge account is verified and approved, but you’ve never cashed a check at Price Chopper before, you can cash up to five payroll checks totaling $350 in a six-day period but still can’t cash personal checks.[1]

After Cashing Your First Check

After your first check-cashing transaction, your limit will remain the same as the verified card limit for 14 days. It’ll then increase to five payroll checks totaling $940 in a 24-hour period or $1,100 in a six-day period.[1]

After 30 days pass from your first check-cashing transaction, you’ll have the added privilege of writing personal checks for up to $30 over your purchase amount to get cash back. Note that there’s a $60 cash-back limit for checks within a six-day period.[1]


You can cash a check at Price Chopper any time the Guest Services desk is open. Guest Services hours may vary by location but are typically shorter than store hours, so it’s best to call your nearest store for specifics.[2]

Note that check cashing is only available at Guest Services, not at checkout lanes.[1]


If you have a check that Price Chopper won’t cash or want to compare fees, see our lists of stores that cash personal checks and grocery stores that cash checks.

  2. Price Chopper customer service (800) 666-7667[][][]

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