USAA Money Order Policy Explained (Limits, How to Deposit, etc)

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Short Answer

USAA treats money order deposits like a check deposit. You can deposit a money order (or check) through USAA’s mobile app, at a USAA ATM that accepts deposits, and by mail. Keep in mind, daily deposit limits on your account apply. USAA does not sell money orders, but you can request a teller check if you need to send certified funds.

USAA Money Order Policy

You can deposit a money order as you would a check, according to USAA’s customer service department.

That means you can deposit a money order through USAA’s mobile app, at a USAA ATM that accepts deposits, and by mail.

Money Order Deposit Limits

There are no deposit restrictions for money orders, but your account’s daily deposit limit applies; limits vary by account.

If your money order deposit is greater than your daily deposit limit, USAA may put a freeze on the transaction. You can, however, request a temporary increase to your deposit limit if you would like to make a large deposit.

Call USAA at (800) 531-8722 to make such a request. (For more on USAA’s rules for depositing large checks, see our related article.)

Mobile Money Order Deposits

To deposit a money order using the USAA mobile app, select “Transfer/Deposit” and then “Deposit@Mobile.”

After you have scanned your endorsed money order using your smartphone’s camera, you’ll need to select the account where you want the funds to go.

It would be a good idea to write: “For mobile deposit at USAA FSB” and your account number in the endorsement area prior to making the deposit.

Money Order Deposits at ATMs

You can use a USAA ATM to deposit a money order.  ATMs accept up to 10 checks or money orders at a time.

Note: Not all USAA ATMs accept deposits. Use the USAA locator to find an ATM that takes deposits.

Money Order Deposits by Mail

To deposit a money order by mail, you’ll need a deposit slip. According to the USAA website, you can order deposit slips for your various accounts for free online.

Once you’ve received the deposit slips, you can use them to deposit a check by mail by sending the completed deposit slip along with your endorsed check(s) and/or money order(s) to:

9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail
USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288-0002

Does USAA Sell Money Orders?

USAA does not sell money orders, but you can order a teller check online if you need to send certified funds. To order a teller check:

  • Select “Get an Official Check” from the “My Tools” menu on the USAA website. Then, select the account from which you’d like to fund the check.
  • You will need to state whether the payee is an individual or a business and fill in the memo line, the check amount, mailing address, and delivery method.

Your first teller check of the year is free, but you’ll still need to pay for shipping. Expedited mail is about $8, and express mail is about $14. Additional teller checks cost $10 each.

For more information about buying money orders, see our money order FAQ.


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