USAA Money Order Policy Explained

There are various stores and financial centers that offer money order services, but in some cases, the easiest place to go is your bank.

However, purchase and cashing policies vary by the bank, so when you need to purchase, cash, or deposit a money order with USAA, it's helpful to know what to expect.

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USAA doesn’t sell money orders. However, account holders can cash and deposit money orders just like they would a check.[1]

You can deposit a money order through USAA’s mobile app, at a USAA ATM that accepts deposits, or by mail. You can also cash money orders at your local USAA branch.[1]

Keep in mind that daily deposit limits on your account apply.[1]

Below, I detail USAA’s money order policy, including an explanation of each deposit method, the limits, and how soon your funds will be available.

USAA Money Order Policy

You can deposit or cash a money order just as you would a check at USAA.[1]

That means you can deposit a money order through USAA’s mobile app, at a USAA ATM that accepts deposits, or by mail. You can also deposit or cash money orders at a USAA branch.[1]

There’s no fee to cash or deposit money orders at USAA, but you must be a USAA account holder.[1]


There are no deposit restrictions for money orders, but your account’s daily deposit limit applies; limits vary by account.[1]

USAA does require advance notice to process money orders equalling $20,000 or greater. Approval generally takes 48 to 72 hours.[1]

You can request a temporary increase to your deposit limit in the USAA mobile app by selecting “See more deposit options.”[2]

Find out more about USAA’s rules for large deposits.

When cashing a money order at a branch, you can only cash up to the amount in your checking or savings account. If the money order amount is higher than your account balance, USAA will deposit the rest.[1]

Mobile Deposits

Account holders in good standing can deposit money orders through mobile deposit.[2][1]

Limits and Availability

You can upload up to five money orders at a time.[2] Your account’s deposit amount limit will display in the app when you start the deposit.[3][1]

Mobile deposits generally become available the next business day.[3]

How to Make a Mobile Deposit

You should endorse money orders by signing your name, then writing “For mobile deposit at USAA FSB” and your account number before making the deposit.[2]

In the USAA mobile app, select “Deposit” and then “Front of Check.” Follow the instructions onscreen to take pictures of the front and back of the money order.[4][3]

After you’ve scanned your endorsed money order using your smartphone’s camera, you’ll need to select the account where you want the funds to go.[3]

ATM Deposits

You can use some USAA ATMs to deposit a money order.[1]

To find an ATM that accepts deposits, use USAA’s ATM and Financial Center locator. Below “Service,” select “Deposit Check,” and search for ATMs near you.[5][6]

Limits and Availability

USAA ATMs accept up to 10 checks or money orders at a time.[3]

Funds will typically be available the next business day.[3]

How to Make an ATM Deposit

You will insert your bank card at a USAA ATM and follow the deposit instructions onscreen.[7]

Then insert your endorsed money orders. The ATM will display the total of your deposits and you will need to confirm this amount.[7]

Tip: When entering a USAA ATM area, make sure the door closes properly behind you and you should never let someone else in. Authorized customers should be able to let themselves in.[8]

Deposits by Mail

Limits and Availability

There is no limit when making money order deposits by mail. USAA generally makes funds available the next business day after receiving a money order.[1][3]

Keep in mind, however, that money orders of $20,000 or greater will still take a few days to process once USAA receives them.[1]

How to Make Deposits by Mail

You’ll need a deposit slip to deposit a money order by mail. You can order 25 deposit slips and postage-paid envelopes free of charge in your USAA online account.[9][3]

If you’re using a USAA postage-paid envelope, you don’t need to worry about the address or adding a stamp. Simply fill out the deposit slip, seal it and the endorsed money order in the envelope, and drop it in the mail.[9]

If you prefer to use your own envelope and send your money order through the United States Postal Service (USPS), you should address the envelope to:[9]

USAA Federal Savings Bank
ATTN: Bank Priority Mail 9861
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78284-9908

If you prefer to use your own envelope and choose Fedex, UPS, or another expedited shipping carrier, you should mail your money order and deposit slip to:[9]

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio TX, 78240


Since USAA doesn’t sell money orders, does it offer cashier’s checks?

USAA issues cashier’s checks, also known as teller’s checks. To order a teller’s check, call USAA at (800) 531-8722.[8]

How much does it cost to purchase a teller’s check?

USAA charges $10 per teller’s check.[8]

Can you cash or deposit a money order someone signed over to you?

No, USAA will only cash or deposit money orders made out directly to the account holder.[1]

Can you make a USAA mortgage payment with a money order?

No, you cannot pay your USAA mortgage with a money order.[1]

For more information about buying and cashing money orders, check out the money order FAQ.

In Summary

USAA doesn’t issue money orders, though account holders cash them for up to the amount they have in their bank account.[1]

Members can also deposit money orders at a branch, through mobile deposit, at participating ATMs, or by mail.[1]

Limits vary by customer and funds are generally available the first business day after USAA receives a money order.[3]

However, keep in mind that checks valued at $20,000 or greater may take up to 72 hours to process.[1]

If you have any further comments or questions about USAA’s money order policy, be sure to leave them below.

You can also answer others’ questions if you have first-hand experience processing money orders at USAA.

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