Where to Buy HomeGoods Gift Cards: Availability Explained

Exterior of a HomeGood store

HomeGoods sells its gift cards at its stores, on its website, and through select third-party retailers like Best Buy and Walgreens.[1]

Whether you buy gift cards from HomeGoods directly or through a third-party retailer, there are no additional purchase or activation fees.[1]

However, if you order a physical gift card from HomeGoods.com and need it quickly, there is a charge for expedited shipping which will vary depending on your location.[2]

The List

HomeGoods gift cards are typically available at the following stores.

Keep in mind that gift card availability may vary by location; you may want to call your local store to confirm that HomeGoods gift cards are in stock before visiting.

Places That Don’t Sell HomeGoods Gift Cards

We found that the following stores don’t sell HomeGoods gift cards; linked store names will direct you to a list of the gift cards each store does sell:

  1. HomeGoods customer service (800) 888-0776[][]
  2. https://www.homegoods.com[]
  3. Best Buy store customer service associates[]
  4. Amazon customer service (888) 280-4331[]
  5. Costco customer service(800) 955-2292[]
  6. Family Dollar customer service (866) 377-6420[]
  7. Food Lion customer service (800) 210-9569[]
  8. Kohl’s customer service (855) 564-5705[]
  9. Kroger customer service (800) 576-4377[]
  10. Meijer customer service (877) 363-4537[]
  11. Target customer service (800) 440-0680[]
  12. Vons customer service (877) 505-4040[]
  13. Walmart customer service (800) 925-6278[]
  14. Winn-Dixie customer service (866) 946-6349[]


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