Where to Buy Menards Gift Cards Explained

While it can be convenient to purchase gift cards from businesses you shop at regularly, such as grocery stores, the only place where you can buy Menards gift cards in person is at a Menards store.

You do have a couple of additional options online, however.

Exterior of a Menards store

You can usually find Menards gift cards on the gift card resale platform CardCash and they’re always available on the Menards website.[1][2][3]

Below, I explain what you should know before buying Menards gift cards and how to buy them.

Where to Buy Menards Gift Cards

Menards gift cards aren’t available through any third-party retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or Target.[1]

You can buy gift cards directly from Menards in-store or online,[1] and can typically find them on CardCash.[2]

Buying From Menards

Menards gift cards are available for purchase at Menards stores and online in amounts ranging from $5 to $2,000.[4][5][1]

You can only purchase physical gift cards in stores, while physical and digital gift cards are available on the Menards website.[5][1]

Note that if you order a physical gift card online, you may incur a shipping charge. You can view your shipping options at checkout.[6][7]

I checked the shipping rates for several gift card amounts and found that the cheapest shipping options usually start around $4, though free standard shipping is often available as well.

Tip: While gift cards are exempt from price adjustments at Menards, you can still save money when paying with your gift card during Menards “11” sale.[1][8] See more on Menards’ 11% rebate.

Buying From CardCash

You can usually find discounted Menards gift cards on CardCash. Available denominations vary, but you’ll usually pay around 1% to 2% less than face value.[2][9]

When available, CardCash sells physical Menards gift cards, and shipping is free.[2][9]

There’s a 45-day guarantee, so if you experience any issues with the gift card, you can get a full refund.[10]

Note that because CardCash is a reseller, particular gift cards may not always be in stock.[9]

Places That Don’t Sell Menards Gift Cards

While the following businesses regularly stock gift cards, none of them sell Menards gift cards.

I confirmed this by contacting store customer service representatives and reviewing their gift card selections online.


What methods of payment does Menards accept for gift cards?

You can buy Menards gift cards in-store with cash, debit cards, and credit cards.[1] Its website accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Menards Big Cards, Menards Contractor Cards, and Menards Commercial Cards.[28][29]

What payment methods can you use on CardCash?

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal on CardCash.[30]

Do Menards gift cards come with any additional fees?

There are no additional fees when purchasing a Menards gift card, except for shipping charges if you order a physical gift card from the Menards website.[1][31]

Is there a limit to how many Menards gift cards you can purchase from Menards?

While you can purchase multiple gift cards in a single day, the total cannot exceed $2,000.[32]

In Summary

Menards doesn’t sell its gift cards through third-party stores like Amazon or Walmart.[1]

However, you can purchase them from any Menards store, the Menards website, or from CardCash (as long as CardCash has them in stock).[1][5][2]

There are no additional purchase fees, though you may need to pay for shipping when buying a physical gift card from the Menards website.[1][9]

Be sure to leave any questions or comments you have about Menards gift cards in the comments section below, or share your tips for buying gift cards.

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