Who Sells Menards Gift Cards? Answered

Menards storefront

While it can be convenient to purchase gift cards from businesses you shop at regularly, such as grocery stores, you can only buy Menards gift cards in Menards stores and on the Menards website.[1][2]

The home improvement store doesn’t sell gift cards through third-party retailers, customer service representatives told us.

I also contacted several major retailers and checked with online gift card vendors (as listed below), but there are no alternative businesses that sell Menards gift cards.

Buying a Gift Card From Menards

Menards gift cards are available for purchase in amounts ranging from $5 to $2,000.[3][4]

While you can purchase multiple gift cards in a single day, the total cannot exceed $2,000.[5] There are no additional fees when purchasing a Menards gift card.[2]

However, if you order a physical gift card online, you may incur a shipping charge. You can view shipping options at checkout.[6][7]

See if you can save money with your Menards gift card by learning when Menards has its “11” sale.

Places That Don’t Sell Menards Gift Cards

While the following businesses regularly stock gift cards, none of them sell Menards gift cards.

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