Cabela’s FFL Transfer Fee & Transfer Process Explained

When purchasing a firearm, it's important to follow the correct legal process to transfer ownership from the seller to yourself.

The process for completing a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) transfer varies by where you'll be picking up the firearm and how you purchased it; it helps to know what to expect before you complete the transfer.

Cabela's offers FFL transfers for firearm purchases through third-party brokers or directly from Cabela's.

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Cabela’s charges around $25 to $50 for FFL transfers when you purchase a firearm from a third party online. There are no transfer fees if you purchase a firearm directly from Cabela’s online or at a store.[1][2]

Below, I detail the process for transferring ownership at Cabela’s, plus the requirements for purchasing a firearm so you can be more fully prepared.

Cabela’s FFL Transfers

Cabela’s is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, which means it can perform background checks and complete the required paperwork to sell firearms.[1][3]

When you purchase a firearm from an online dealer, you can’t have it shipped directly to your house; instead, you’ll need to have it shipped to an FFL dealer like Cabela’s that can legally process firearm transfers.[1]

Note that Cabela’s doesn’t accept firearms from individuals, so if you’re completing a person-to-person sale, you’ll need to find another transfer location.[2]

I confirmed further details about the transfer process at Cabela’s by reviewing the company’s corporate policy documentation, contacting corporate customer service representatives, and contacting stores in Michigan, Montana, and South Carolina.


Cabela’s has a few requirements to keep in mind before initiating a FFL transfer.


You must be at least 18 to 21 to purchase a firearm, depending on the type and your state’s laws.[3]


In most cases, you’ll need to ship the firearm to a store in your state of residence.[4]

You can have rifles and other long firearms shipped to a Cabela’s store in any state, but you must legally be allowed to purchase the firearm in both the state where the store is located and the state, county, and city where you live.[4]


When you pick up the firearm, you’ll have to complete any paperwork your state of residence requires, a background check, and ATF Form 4473.[4][5][2]

You’ll also need to present a valid ID with your current address printed on it.[4][2]

If your ID has a different address, you must provide a second form of government-issued documentation with your name and current address, such as your voter ID card, vehicle registration, or hunting license.[4][2]


The FFL transfer fees at Cabela’s vary depending on local and state regulations, as well as how you purchase the firearm.

There are no additional fees for firearms you buy at a Cabela’s store or directly from the Cabela’s website.[1][2]

For orders you place through online brokers, the fee will usually be between $25 and $50.[1][2]

Note that additional fees outside of the FFL transfer fee may apply depending on your state, such as background check fees.[1][2][4]

Transfer Process

Cabela’s Purchases

When purchasing a firearm at a Cabela’s store, you’ll need to complete ATF From 4473 and pass a background check. Cabela’s will then issue your firearm.[2]

When buying online, you’ll enter your ZIP code during checkout and select a location for in-store pickup. You’ll also need to fill out an Online Firearm Ordering Agreement.[1][2][4]

Once the firearm arrives in the store, Cabela’s will email you to let you know you can pick it up.[1][2][4]

Online Broker Purchases

The transfer process for broker purchases will vary somewhat depending on state laws.[1][2]

In general, when you submit an online order, the dealer will require you to provide the FFL transfer number to the Cabela’s store where it will ship your purchase.[1][2]

You can obtain this number by calling the Cabela’s location you plan to use. The store you choose will also need to submit paperwork to the broker.[1][2]

Once your purchase arrives at the store, Cabela’s will email you to let you know you can finalize your purchase and pick it up.[1][2]


Under federal law, you don’t need a license to buy or sell firearms, as long as the individual you’re buying from or selling to lives in the same state as you do.[6]

However, it’s still a good idea to legally transfer firearms in the event of a sale. This allows you to ensure that neither party is prohibited from owning a firearm.[6]

As noted above, Cabela’s doesn’t facilitate person-to-person FFL transfers.[2] To find an FFL dealer that handles person-to-person transfers, try an online search for “FFL dealers near me.”

Tip: Whether using Cabela’s or a different transfer location, it’s a good idea to always inspect firearms in-store before accepting the transfer. Many retailers, including Cabela’s, don’t accept firearm returns.[4]


Does Cabela’s have special hours for FFL transfers?

No, the firearms section is open during regular store hours. However, if you need to complete a background check, you should plan to visit the counter at least 45 minutes before closing time.[2]

Are FFL transfers the same at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s?

Yes, Bass Pro Shops have the same fees, requirements, and FFL transfer process as Cabela’s. Cabela’s is a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops.[1]

Does Cabela’s offer layaway services for firearms?

No, you can’t put firearms on layaway at Cabela’s.[1]

In Summary

Fees for FFL transfers from third-party sellers to Cabela’s generally range from around $25 to $50, depending on the pick-up location.[2][1]

However, transfers are free when ordering a firearm from the Cabela’s website or picking one up in one of its stores.[2][1]

You should make sure you meet the legal requirements for purchasing a firearm before initiating a transfer at Cabela’s.[3][4]

You’ll also need to fill out legal forms and pass a background check when picking up your firearm.[4][5][2]

Feel free to ask questions or share your personal experiences with FFL transfers in the comments section below. It can be encouraging to new firearm buyers to hear from others who’ve completed FFL transfers.


  • PJ

    Apparently Cabela’s FFL transfer fee is set by each store, so be sure to call first. I found out the hard way when I was surprised with a $50 transfer fee in Grandville, Michigan. Very pissed to say the least. Not to mention it took a long time to actually get someone to help me, and once I did, it took a ridiculously long time to process everything considering the first person that helped me screwed it up and had to get someone else to fix it.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience, PJ! We contacted Cabela’s customer service and confirmed that the fee does vary by state. We have updated our article to include this information.

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