Cash America Return Policy: Time Limit, Restrictions Explained

Cash America SuperPawn sign on a building

Here’s the Cash America return policy in plain language. Cash America accepts returns under specific conditions. To make a return, you’ll need your original receipt and a 15- or 30-day warranty plan. Warranty plans can be added to your purchase at checkout for 5 to 10% of the total purchase price. For full details, see below.

Cash America Return Policy

Cash America allows returns, but only if you added a warranty plan at the time of purchase, customer service representatives said. Without a warranty, all items at Cash America are sold as-is and cannot be returned. Every item is tested and inspected before it’s sold, but, if you think you might want to return an item later, you should buy a warranty plan. A 15-day warranty plan costs 5% of the item’s purchase price; a 30-day warranty option costs 10% of the purchase price. If you decide to return the item, bring it back to the same store before the warranty period ends, along with the original receipt.

Cash America’s retail stores are known as Cash America Pawn, SuperPawn, and Cashland. Stores sell pre-owned jewelry, electronics, digital cameras, power tools, instruments, car audio systems, and more. The company also offers financial services, including pawn loans, cash advances, check cashing, prepaid cards, and gold buying.

In Summary

Cash America sells used items as-is but accepts returns if you added a warranty to your purchase. You’ll also need your original receipt to make a return.

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