Dollar General Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy Explained

Whether a spill has left a stain on your carpet or your favorite rug doesn't look as bright and clean as it once did, a carpet cleaner rental can help you restore your household fabrics without the commitment or expense of buying a machine.

Dollar General is a convenient place to pick up low-cost essentials like household cleaning products -- and many of its stores also rent out carpet cleaning machines.

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You can rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner from most Dollar General stores.[1][2]

The rental cost will vary depending on the equipment and rental period you choose, but generally ranges from around $40 to $65.[1]

Below, I explain more about how carpet cleaner rental works at Dollar General, plus what you should know before renting and some alternatives to consider.

Dollar General Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

Most Dollar General stores rent out Rug Doctor Mighty Pro and Wide Track carpet cleaners.[1]

I contacted Dollar General stores in Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Oregon; about 80% of the stores I called had Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for rent.

Where available, you can expect to pay between about $40 and $65 total for your rental machine and the necessary accessories (like cleaning solution).[1]

Note that there are usually only a few Rug Doctor machines at each location; you might want to call ahead and make sure the equipment you need isn’t already rented out before you head to the store.[1]

Cost Breakdown

Your total cost will depend on how long you need your rental and whether you need any attachments or cleaning solutions.

Rentals usually cost about $35 for 24 hours and $45 for 48 hours at Dollar General.[1]

These prices include the machine only. Attachments cost about $6 extra per attachment, per day.[1]

If you don’t already have some at home, you’ll also need to purchase a cleaning solution to use the machine. Dollar General sells various carpet cleaning solutions ranging in price from about $5 to $15.[1]

With all of these costs in mind, your total rental will range from about $40 (for a 24-hour rental and low-cost cleaning solution) to $65 (for a 48-hour rental, higher-end cleaning solution, and brush attachment).[1]

Note that Dollar General’s coupons typically exclude Rug Doctor rentals,[1] but you can sometimes find savings on Rug Doctor’s offers page.

Rental Process

You can’t reserve a Rug Doctor online or in the Dollar General app. Instead, you’ll need to visit the customer service desk at your local store.[1]

You’ll find cleaning solutions and accessories in the same area as the Rug Doctor machines, near the front of the store. You can pay for the rental, cleaning solutions, and accessories together.[1]

Dollar General usually doesn’t require a deposit when renting a Rug Doctor; you’ll simply pay upfront with a debit or credit card and sign a rental contract to rent the machine.[1]

However, note that store managers can require deposits at their discretion or choose to discontinue carpet cleaner rentals if the machines are frequently returned in disrepair.[1]


Dollar General’s Rug Doctor rental fees are comparable to the carpet cleaner rentals at other stores like Safeway and Walmart.

The best option for you will depend on which store is most convenient to visit and has the equipment you need.

See more on the cost to rent a carpet cleaner at each store.

Tip: If you’re interested in a specific Rug Doctor machine or attachment and your local Dollar General doesn’t have it, you can search for local rentals on Rug Doctor’s website. Enter your zip code and select the machine you’re looking for from the drop-down menu.

Keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to contact the store before you visit, since the search results may not reflect real-time availability.


What should I do if the carpet cleaning machine has an issue or breaks during the rental period?

If you find that the machine is broken or malfunctions during your rental period, contact the Dollar General store where you rented it as soon as possible; a store associate will help you resolve the issue. You may be able to exchange the machine for a working one if the store has more machines available.[1]

What should I do if I need more time? Can I return the rental late?

If you return the rental late, you may be subject to a fee (the cost of which will vary by location and how late you are). It’s best to contact the store before the rental is due back if you need more time.[1]

Do any Dollar General locations offer floor scrubbers or Bissell carpet cleaners for rent?

No, Dollar General only rents out Rug Doctors.[1]

Is Rug Doctor a carpet shampooer or a steam cleaner?

Rug Doctor’s machines use a combination of cleaning solution and steam. However, the machine doesn’t generate its own steam; you’ll need to add hot water to operate it.[1][3]

In Summary

Dollar General offers Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rentals for around $40 to $65, depending on the rental period, cleaning solutions, and accessories you choose.[1]

Store managers have the discretion to require deposits for Rug Doctor rentals, but most locations don’t require this. Instead, you’ll need to pay the full cost of the rental upfront.[1]

If you have any issues with the machine during your rental or need more time than you originally paid for, it’s best to contact the same Dollar General store where you rented the machine.[1]

If you have additional questions about renting a Rug Doctor from Dollar General or want to share your experience with carpet cleaners, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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