Dollar General Gift Card Policy Explained: Payment Options, Returns, etc

Exterior of a Dollar General store

Short Answer

Dollar General’s gift cards are reloadable, do not expire, and are available for purchase at all Dollar General locations. While gift cards are valid on most in-store purchases, you cannot shop with or buy Dollar General gift cards online.

Dollar General Gift Card Policy

Dollar General has more than 15,000 locations in 44 states; gift cards are available at all store locations.

Dollar General’s gift cards are reloadable and reusable, and you can buy them for any denomination with a minimum $5 starting balance. (See our list for more reloadable gift cards.)

We spoke with customer service associates at several Dollar General locations in California, Kansas, New York, and Texas to learn more about its gift card policies.

Buying a Dollar General Gift Card

You can use any form of payment that Dollar General accepts to purchase its gift cards in-store, including cash, personal checks, debit cards, and credit cards. You can’t buy gift cards online from Dollar General.

There are no additional fees for buying or using Dollar General gift cards.

As noted above, gift cards for Dollar General are reloadable; they do not expire. You can check your gift card balance by phone at (844) 601-8030, by presenting your card at the register at any Dollar General location, or online.

Gift Card Purchase Exclusions

Dollar General stores carry a wide range of products at bargain prices, including food and beverages, electronics, clothing, toys and games, pet supplies, and more.

You can use Dollar General gift cards to purchase almost anything in the store, including sale and clearance items, customer service representatives said.

However, there are a few exclusions that you cannot buy with a Dollar General gift card:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Other gift cards

Additionally, you cannot shop online at Dollar General’s website with a gift card.

Gift Card Returns

Dollar General gift cards are not returnable. See our related research for more information on state regulations for gift card returns/refunds and Dollar General’s return policy.


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