Lowe’s Appliance Return Policy Explained

It's helpful to know the Lowe's return policy if you have a defective item, one that doesn't perform as expected, or one you simply don't need anymore.

This is especially true for home appliances, as different items have different return times.

Exterior of a Lowe's store that accepts appliance returns

Lowe’s allows returns on most appliances within 90 days of purchase. However, you must return major appliances within 48 hours or 30 days, depending on whether the packaging is still intact.[1][2]

Items purchased with a commercial account, business account, Lowe’s Preload Plus Mastercard, or through Lowe’s Lease to Own plan have longer return windows.[1]

Below, I provide more details of the Lowe’s appliance return policy.

Lowe’s Appliance Return Policy

You can exchange or return most items to Lowe’s up to 90 days after making the purchase.[1]

However, there are items — including some appliances — that have a shorter return window.[1]

You can make returns for any reason, such as if the item doesn’t meet your expectations or it isn’t working properly.[3][2]

Major Appliances

You have 30 days to return major appliances if the item is still in brand-new condition and sealed in the original packaging.[1]

This includes refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens/stoves, and over-the-range-microwaves.[1]

If you opened or removed the packaging, you must initiate your return or exchange within 48 hours of having them installed or picking them up from the store.[1]

You also have 30 days to return major appliances if you purchased them with a commercial account, business account, Lowe’s Preload Plus Mastercard, or through Lowe’s Lease to Own plan.[1]

Other Appliances

You have 30 days to return air conditioners, water heaters, electronics, pressure washers, and most outdoor power equipment.[3][2]

All other appliances, such as vacuums and regular microwaves, generally have a 90-day return window.[3][2]

If you purchased the appliance with a commercial account, business account, Lowe’s Preload Plus Mastercard, or through Lowe’s Lease to Own plan, you have 365 days to make a return.[1]

Return Process

If Lowe’s delivered and installed the item you want to return, Lowe’s will come to your home to pick up the appliance and process the return for free — as long as it’s within the return window.[2][4]

To make a return in-store, bring the item, the order number or receipt, and the original form of payment to the customer service counter at any Lowe’s.[2]

For online purchases, you can make a return at your local store or initiate a return on the Lowe’s website through your Order History. After requesting an online return, you’ll print out the shipping label free of charge and ship it back to Lowe’s.[2][5]

Tip: You must return appliances containing flammable or hazardous materials or a lithium battery in-store, regardless of whether you purchased it online. This rule applies even if you’ve drained these materials from the appliance.[3]

Returns Without a Receipt

If you no longer have the receipt, a store associate may be able to look up your purchase using your phone number, credit card, checking account number, or MyLowe’s card.[3]

If the associate cannot recover proof of purchase, Lowe’s may issue your refund in the form of store credit for the item’s current sale price.[3]

To make a return without a receipt, you’ll need to show a valid photo ID. Keep in mind that non-receipted returns are subject to Lowe’s computer system and the discretion of a store manager.[3]


What if an appliance was damaged during delivery?

Lowe’s will arrange to have the appliance picked up and returned to the store. An associate will create a new delivery order, and then Lowe’s will deliver a replacement free of charge.[2]

Are installation fees refundable?

While some appliances include free installation with delivery, if you do pay for these services, labor and installation charges are nonrefundable.[6][1]

What happens if I cancel an order?

Lowe’s puts an authorization hold on your card until delivery is complete for online purchases. It will remove this hold if you cancel your order and Lowe’s will not charge your card. However, it may take three to 10 business days for your bank to release the funds on your card.[2]

In Summary

At Lowe’s, you have 48 hours or 30 days to return major appliances and 90 days to return other appliances with a valid ID and proof of purchase.[1][2]

Items must be like new and Lowe’s may require you to provide the original packaging.[1]

If you don’t have the receipt, a store associate may be able to look up proof of purchase. If they cannot recover it, returns are at the discretion of the store manager.[1]

If you’ve returned an appliance to Lowe’s and want to share your experience or you have questions about its return policy, feel free to leave a comment below.

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