14 Best Pet-Friendly Car Rentals

Dog buckled into a pet-friendly rental car with a harness

Most major car rental companies are pet-friendly, meaning you can bring your dog or other pet along on your trip. However, each rental agency sets its own guidelines for pet-friendly rentals.

Some companies require that you crate your pet in the car, with special exceptions for service animals.[1]

There are generally no fees for bringing your pet along, but if you return the car with excessive pet hair, odor, or damage, you’ll likely pay a cleaning fee.

You can avoid additional fees by grooming your pet in advance, covering any surfaces where your pet will sit, taking frequent breaks to prevent accidents, and cleaning the vehicle before returning it.[2][3][4]

The List

Below, we list the car rental agencies that allow dogs and other pets, including information about each company’s restrictions and fees.

Our list is in order of the overall best options based on which companies have the least restrictions and lowest cleaning fees.

We gathered this information by viewing each company’s pet policy documentation and contacting their customer service departments to confirm policy details.

Getaround logo


  • Restrictions: The rental vehicle must have a green “Pet Friendly” icon in its profile. Service animals are welcome in any Getaround rental, though all animals must remain in a carrier while inside the vehicle, including service animals.[5]
  • Cleaning fees: $25; applies when returning the vehicle with excessive pet hair or dirt, or transporting a pet in a non-pet-friendly vehicle[5][6]
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Zipcar logo


  • Restrictions: Your pet must remain in a carrier while inside the rental unless it’s a service animal.[7]
  • Cleaning fees: $50 violation fee for pet hair; you must also pay any other fees Zipcar incurs as a result of pet damage.[8]
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Thrifty Car Rental logo

Thrifty Car Rental

Dollar Car Rental logo

Dollar Car Rental

Turo logo


  • Restrictions: You must rent a vehicle listed as “Pet Friendly” or receive special approval from the owner to bring your pet. Service and assistance animals that meet Turo’s requirements are welcome in any rental.[13][14]
  • Cleaning fees: $150, plus a 3% processing fee; vehicle damage may also prevent you from renting with Turo in the future.[15][16]
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Alamo Rent a Car

  • Restrictions: Pets must remain in a crate while in the vehicle, with the exception of service animals.[17][18]
  • Cleaning fees: Vary by location but may be around $250[17][18]
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Budget logo

Budget Rent a Car

  • Restrictions: Allows pets, but they must be housebroken[19]
  • Cleaning fees: Vary depending on the type and severity of the damage[19]
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National Car Rental logo

National Car Rental

  • Restrictions: Pets must remain in a crate while in the vehicle, with the exception of service animals.[20][21]
  • Cleaning fees: Vary by rental location and the severity of the mess[21]
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Fox Rent A Car Logo

Fox Rent A Car

  • Restrictions: You must return the vehicle clean and free of pet hair.[22][23]
  • Cleaning fees: Vary depending on the type and severity of damage[22][24]
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Enterprise logo


  • Restrictions: Pets must remain in a crate while in the vehicle, with the exception of service animals.[4][25]
  • Cleaning fees: Vary by rental location and the severity of the damage[4][26]
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SIXT logo


  • Restrictions: Vehicles must be clean and free of hair at the time of return.[27][3]
  • Cleaning fees: Up to $400;[27] waived for customers with service animals[3][28]
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Hertz logo


Payless Car Rental logo

Payless Car Rental

  • Restrictions: Vary by location; all rentals must be free of pet hair or other messes at the time of return in order to avoid a cleaning fee.[31][32]
  • Cleaning fees: Up to $450[31][32]
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Avis Rent a Car

  • Restrictions: Most locations allow pets; call ahead to confirm.[2][33]
  • Cleaning fees: Up to $450 if you return the vehicle with pet hair, pet odor, or in need of other cleaning services[2][33]
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Rental Companies That Don’t Allow Pets

Of the rental companies we contacted, only ACE Rent a Car typically prohibits pets.[34]

However, individual locations are independently owned and operated,[35] so you may be able to bring your pet at the owner’s discretion.

It’s also up to each location to set its own guidelines regarding service animals.[34]

To find out if your preferred location will allow your pet or service animal, contact that location to speak with a rental agent. If you receive approval, you may also pay a cleaning fee, which varies by location.[34]

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