143 Printable Gift Certificates Listed (Stores, Restaurants, etc)

Man removing a printable gift certificate from a brown envelope

While you can purchase electronic gift cards to send through email or text, sometimes you’d rather bring a wrapped present to an event.

Printable gift certificates combine the convenience of an eGift card with a more personal delivery method. Many companies allow you to turn eGift cards into printable gift certificates by purchasing them online and printing them at home.

I explain the process, plus list the companies that offer printable gift cards below.

How to Use Printable Gift Certificates

Many stores that offer electronic gift cards allow you to print them, then present the printed certificate at the register when making a purchase.

Since gift cards are “bearer documents” — meaning anyone who holds them can use them — you can print an electronic gift card and give it to someone else.

CashStar (which partners with a variety of major brands to sell their gift cards online) encourages eGift card buyers who need a physical gift to follow this process. You should personalize the gift card for your recipient, but send it to yourself and then print it.

There are no additional fees for this service through CashStar or any of the stores I checked.

Note that while you should be able to email most electronic gift cards to yourself, print them, and give them to a third party, this won’t work in every case.

All of the gift cards I checked have this option, but some eGift cards are intended to automatically credit a store account once you select a link and are not printable.

The List

Below is the list of companies that offer printable gift certificates and/or sell electronic gift cards that offer a self-delivery option. Select each company name to visit the webpage where you can purchase a printable gift card.

I confirmed this information by checking each company’s official gift card policy either online or with its customer service department.

Clothing and Accessories


Department Stores

Movies, Music, and Games

Sporting Goods


Home Repair and Furnishing


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