Where to Buy Nordstrom Gift Cards: 7 Nearby & Online Options Listed

Nordstrom storefront

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Nordstrom gift cards can be purchased at any Nordstrom store or online on Nordstrom’s website, though the limited number of brick-and-mortar locations makes picking up a gift card in-store difficult for many.[1][2]

Luckily, some third-party retailers also sell digital and/or physical Nordstrom gift cards without charging additional fees.

Keep in mind that when picking up a gift card in-store, availability can vary by location and stock, so it’s a good idea to call ahead before making the drive.

If you order a plastic gift card online, there may be shipping fees. Note that eGift cards can only be purchased online or over the phone.

The List

Below, we have the list of major retailers that sell Nordstrom gift cards, including whether they sell eGift cards, physical gift cards, or both.

We confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives and reviewing each company’s website.

Amazon logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[3]
  • Shop

Best Buy logo

Best Buy

  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[4][5]
  • Shop

CVS logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards[6]
  • Shop

Kroger logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[7][8]
  • Shop

Staples logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[9][10]
  • Shop

Target logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[11][12]
  • Shop

Walgreens logo


  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards and eGift cards[13][14]
  • Shop

Places That Don’t Sell Nordstrom Gift Cards

Some of the retailers we contacted do not sell Nordstrom gift cards.

These stores include:

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  4. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nordstrom-100-gift-card-digital/6389631.p?skuId=6389631[]
  5. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nordstrom-50-gift-card/6307663.p?skuId=6307663[]
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  7. https://giftcards.kroger.com/nordstrom-egift[]
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  9. https://www.staples.com/Nordstrom-Classic-Gift-Cards/cat_CL166326/00q8t[]
  10. Staples store customer service representatives[]
  11. https://www.target.com/c/gift-cards/nordstrom/-/N-5xsxuZq643leqegfg[]
  12. Target store customer service representatives[]
  13. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/nordstrom-gift-card-$100/ID=300405014-product[]
  14. Walgreens store customer service representatives[]
  15. Bed Bath & Beyond store customer service representatives[]
  16. Walmart customer service via live chat[]


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