Tom Thumb Money Order Policy: Issuer, Fees, etc Detailed

Exterior of a Tom Thumb store

Short Answer

Tom Thumb offers Western Union money orders at most stores but doesn’t cash money orders. There’s a $500 limit and a $0.89 fee per money order if purchasing money orders.

Tom Thumb Money Order Policy

Tom Thumb sells money orders at most locations. We contacted customer service representatives at locations across Texas, and all said their stores could issue money orders; however, since money services can vary by location, it’s best to contact your local store before visiting to be sure it can issue your money order.

Like its parent company, Albertsons, Tom Thumb issues Western Union money orders where available.[1][2] (See our related research for more on the money order and check cashing policy at Albertsons.)

Note that you can’t cash a money order at Tom Thumb. Additionally, after buying a money order, all tracking is processed directly by Western Union, not by the store.[1]

Fees and Limits

Money orders at Tom Thumb cost $0.89, and the maximum money order limit is $500.[1]

If the amount you need is greater than $500, you can purchase multiple money orders to total the amount you need, but you’ll pay $0.89 for each.

For example, you can buy two $500 money orders if you need $1,000, but your total fees will be $1.78.


Tom Thumb accepts cash and debit cards as payment for money orders. You don’t need to show a photo ID or store card to get a money order.[1]

Where to Go

To purchase a money order, visit the customer service counter. Tom Thumb’s customer service desk is open from about 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. on a typical day; however, hours may differ by location.

See the Tom Thumb store locator for store hours and services at all of its locations.

If you’ve never purchased a money order, we explain everything you need to know about money orders before you go.

Cashing or Canceling a Money Order

As noted above, Tom Thumb doesn’t cash money orders. For alternatives, see our list of places that cash money orders.

If you buy a money order and don’t use it, you can request a refund rather than cashing it. See our previous research for more on how to cancel a money order.

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