Walmart Phone Return Policy for Contract & Prepaid Phones

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Short Answer — Walmart allows phone returns within 14 days of purchase or delivery. You must return contract phones and protection plans to the original store of purchase, and all phone returns require a receipt.

Walmart Phone Return Policy Explained

Walmart accepts cellular phone returns within 14 days of purchase or delivery with the original receipt. The phone should be in its original, undamaged condition.[1]

This policy applies to both prepaid and contract phones. However, contract phones (also called postpaid phones) must also be returned to the original store of purchase, and the carrier may include other restrictions in the contract.[2]

Additionally, prepaid phone cards (minutes) and SIM cards aren’t eligible for returns, refunds, or replacements.[2]

If the phone is unlocked and you opened the box or used it, you can only exchange it for an exact or similar cell phone model.[1]

Protection Plans

Walmart offers optional protection plans that cover things like drops and spills for mobile phones. If you bought a protection plan when you purchased your phone, you can get a refund for it when returning the phone.

Protection plans are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To get a refund on your protection plan, sign in to your account online or make your return at the same store where you bought the protection plan.[3]

Return Process

If you bought your phone at a Walmart store, you can return it to the store during regular hours.

Bring the phone, its packaging, and all of the included accessories (such as chargers) to the customer service desk.[4]

As noted above, while Walmart accepts some non-receipted returns, it requires a receipt for phone returns.

If you don’t have the receipt, Walmart may be able to look it up using your payment information or online account information. If the store can’t find a record of your purchase, it’ll most likely deny your return.[4]

If you bought the phone online, you can mail it in; you may also be able to return the phone to a store.[4][1]

Walmart offers a prepaid return label for mail-in returns.[5] As with store returns, mail-in returns should include the original packaging and accessories.[4]


If it accepts your return, Walmart will usually issue your refund to the original form of payment — with a few exceptions.

Check purchases are refundable in cash, and if your original debit or credit card is no longer available, you’ll receive your refund on a Walmart gift card.[1]


  • Shayla

    Will Walmart refund your money back on an unused prepaid straight talk phone card with receipt?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Shayla! Unfortunately, prepaid phone cards/minutes are a final sale item at Walmart, meaning you cannot return or exchange them. We detail this in our full overview of Walmart’s return policy.

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