American Eagle Restocking Schedule (Both In Stores & Online)

Knowing how often your favorite clothing store restocks can help you plan your next shopping trip or online order.

This is especially helpful if the particular item or size you want to buy has been out of stock.

Exterior of an American Eagle store

American Eagle Outfitters restocks every two weeks online and sends new shipments to stores anywhere between two and seven times a week, depending on the location.[1][2]

Below, I have more details on American Eagle Outfitters’ restocking policy, including restocking at Aerie, which is owned by AEO.[3][4]

American Eagle Outfitters Restocking Schedule

The American Eagle Outfitters online store usually restocks every two weeks.[2]

Brick-and-mortar stores receive shipments based on how busy the location is. Some stores receive shipments twice per week, while others get daily shipments.[1]

It’s best to contact your local AEO for the exact days and times when new items will be available.[1]

I confirmed this information with American Eagle Outfitters’ corporate customer service department, as well as stores in Kentucky, Nevada, and Vermont.

Aerie Restocking Times

Aerie is owned and operated by American Eagle Outfitters.[3][1][2]

It has the same restocking times online and in-store as its parent company, as explained above.[1][2]

Finding Particular Items

None of the American Eagle stores I contacted knew what items would be coming in future shipments.[1]

This means that, even if an associate tells you when they expect the next shipment to arrive, they won’t be able to tell you what items will be in the shipment.[1]

However, while new shipments arrive on varied schedules, all American Eagle Outfitters stores restock the sales floor daily.[1]

When the store opens in the morning, associates go through the backroom inventory and refill any sizes that are in low stock or out of stock[1] — so your best bet, if you’re looking for a particular item, is to keep checking with your local store.

Tip: If an item you want to purchase online is out of stock, you can tap the heart icon and “Save to Favorites” for quick, easy access to see when it’s back in stock.[1][2]


Does American Eagle Outfitters restock clearance items?

No, it doesn’t restock clearance items in-store or online.[1][2]

Can you reserve an item online until you’re ready to purchase it?

No, you cannot reserve an item on the American Eagle Outfitters website. However, you can purchase an item online and pick it up at a local store.[2]

Are returns put back out on the shelf for sale?

If American Eagle Outfitters sells the item in-store, an associate will return it to the shelf for sale. While you can return online-only items to the store, AEO will not sell these items in the store.[5]

In Summary

American Eagle Outfitters usually restocks its online store every other week.[2]

Physical locations restock between two to seven times per week, though store associates aren’t aware of what will be in each shipment.[1]

Regardless of location, store associates restock shelves each day from the inventory in the back of the store.[1][2]

The same restocking policy applies at Aerie (owned and operated by AEO).[1][2]

If you have any questions or interesting stories about shopping at American Eagle Outfitters, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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