When Does American Eagle Restock (In Stores & Online)? Solved

American Eagle storefront inside of a shopping mall

Short Answer

American Eagle Outfitters restocks every few weeks online and sends new shipments to stores anywhere between two and five times a week, depending on the location.

When Does American Eagle Outfitters Restock?

American Eagle Outfitters schedules shipments to its stores based on how busy the location is. Stores may receive shipments up to about five times a week.

The online store restocks every few weeks, customer service representatives said.

We confirmed this information with American Eagle’s corporate customer service department, as well as stores in Florida and Georgia. Some AEO stores in Florida malls told us that they receive new shipments five times a week; stores in less-populated areas in Georgia said they receive shipments twice a week.

While new shipments arrive on varied schedules, all American Eagle Outfitters stores restock their merchandise daily. When the store opens in the morning, associates go through the backroom inventory and refill any sizes that are in low stock or out of stock on the sales floor.

In-Stock Notifications

If there’s a particular item you have your eyes on at the American Eagle Outfitters website, you can set up restocking notifications.

Create or log into your AE.com account and favorite the item. You’ll receive a notice via email or text when the item restocks.

Note that you can use the same account to set up in-stock notifications for Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters’ undergarment and swimwear brand.


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