Where Can You Buy Universal Studios Gift Cards? Answered

Universal Studios globe at the entrance of the Orlando theme park

Universal Studios gift cards make great presents for someone who will be vacationing in the area. They’re also helpful when preparing for your own trip.

To find out where you can purchase Universal Studios gift cards, I contacted customer service representatives from major retailers online and in-store in California and Florida.

Universal Studios Hollywood in California does not offer gift cards for sale online, in stores, or in the theme park.[1]

However, you can buy Universal Orlando gift cards from the park or at select nearby third-party retailers.[2][3][4] I explain your options below.

Where to Buy Universal Orlando Gift Cards

You can purchase physical Universal Orlando gift cards from select Kroger and Publix stores in Florida and in adjoining states.[3][4]

You can also buy Universal Orlando gift cards at the Universal Orlando Resort or on the Universal Orlando website.[2][5]

Available Gift Cards

Universal Orlando Resort gift cards are only available as plastic cards. You cannot purchase a digital gift card.[2]

You can purchase Universal Orlando Resort gift cards in amounts ranging from $10 to $500 and reload them in $5 increments up to $500.[2][6]


There are no additional fees when purchasing a Universal Studios gift card, regardless of whether you purchase it directly from the park, at Kroger, or at Publix.[2][3][4]

Standard shipping within the U.S. is free when purchasing a gift card through the Universal Orlando website. Expedited shipping costs for gift cards vary by your location.[7][2]


Universal Orlando Resort gift cards are valid throughout the resort, as well as at Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay.[8]

However, you cannot use them at Universal Studios Hollywood.[8]

Stores That Don’t Sell Universal Studios Gift Cards

The following businesses generally do not sell Universal Studios gift cards online or in stores.

Keep in mind that gift card availability varies by store, so you may want to check with your local retailers.

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