Where to Buy Etsy Gift Cards (+ Where You Can’t)

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Although alternative purchase options are often convenient when shopping for a gift card, Etsy gift cards are only available through the Etsy website. Etsy gift cards cannot be purchased in retail stores that sell gift cards, such as CVS, Target, and Walmart.[1]

I confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives from Etsy and several major retailers.

Below, I detail how to buy a gift card from Etsy, as well as its limitations when spending it.

Buying a Gift Card From Etsy

You can purchase Etsy gift cards on its website in denominations ranging from $25 to $250. Credit cards and debit cards are the only accepted forms of payment.[2][3]

There are no limits to how many gift cards you can purchase.[1]

Etsy gift cards can only be received by email. Etsy doesn’t sell physical, plastic gift cards.[2][3][1]

You, or the person you’re purchasing it for, will receive a unique code. The gift card amount will be added to the associated Etsy account when redeemed.[3]

Find out more about other available gift cards in my research on places that sell gift cards.

Purchase Limitations

Not all Etsy shops accept gift cards for purchases. The decision to accept them as payment is up to the individual vendor.[1]

When shopping online, first search for an item, then tap “Accepts Etsy gift cards” on the left side of the screen to display eligible items.[1]

When shopping in the Etsy app, search for an item, then tap “Filter” and choose “Accepts Etsy gift cards” to display eligible items.[1]

Additionally, Etsy gift cards are only valid on purchase items sold in the same currency. For example, if your gift card is in USD (United States Dollars), you can only purchase items that are sold in USD.[3]

Places That Don’t Sell Etsy Gift Cards

The following retailers do not sell Etsy gift cards.

I confirmed this by reaching out to customer service representatives from each company.

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