12 Nearby Places to Buy a Carnival Cruise Line Gift Card

Carnival cruise ship

Carnival Cruise Lines gift cards make thoughtful presents, as they can be used to help pay for cruise reservations, prepaid shore excursions, and onboard expenses (as long as the ship operates using USD currency).[1]

You can purchase Carnival gift cards on the Carnival website, onboard a Carnival cruise ship, or from many third-party retailers.[1]

There are no additional fees when purchasing a Carnival gift card.[1]

I contacted customer service representatives and reviewed company websites for major retailers in order to create the list of places to buy Carnival gift cards, found below.

I also share which companies don’t sell them, so you’re not left wondering.

The List

The following retailers sell Carnival gift cards in-store and/or online.

Note that for in-store shopping, gift card availability may vary by location and what’s in stock.

Best Buy logo

Best Buy

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

Gift Card Granny logo

Gift Card Granny

  • In-store or online? Online[6]
  • Shop



  • In-store or online? In-store[7]
  • Shop

Kroger logo


Meijer logo


Newegg logo


Office Depot Office Max logo

Office Depot/OfficeMax

PayPal logo


Sam's Club logo

Sam’s Club

Walmart logo


Winn-Dixie logo


Stores That Don’t Sell Carnival Gift Cards

In the course of our research, I found that the following businesses do not typically sell Carnival gift cards.

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