Where to Buy Academy Gift Cards: 4 Nearby Stores Listed

Exterior of an Academy Sports + Outdoors store

Several third-party retailers sell Academy Sports + Outdoors gift cards in stores:

  • Albertsons[1]
  • Kroger[2]
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax[3]
  • Tom Thumb[4]

Note that in-store gift card availability may vary by location, so you should check with your local store before making a trip.

We contacted Academy stores in Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas for more information about gift card availability. We were told that you can buy gift cards online or in stores with cash, credit cards, or debit cards.

Academy gift cards don’t come with extra fees (no matter which store or website you purchase them from), they never expire, and if you order online from the Academy website, they ship for free.[5]

Stores That Don’t Sell Academy Gift Cards

In the course of our research, we found that the following retailers do not sell Academy gift cards in stores or online:

  1. Albertsons customer service (877) 276-9637[]
  2. Kroger customer service (800) 576-4377[]
  3. Office Depot/Office Max customer service (800) 463-3768[]
  4. Tom Thumb customer service (877) 723-3929[]
  5. Academy Sports customer service (888) 922-2336[]


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