7 Nearby Places to Buy a Ticketmaster Gift Card

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Ticketmaster gift cards are great for planning a night out or as a present for someone who loves to attend live events.

You can purchase Ticketmaster gift cards from its website,[1] as well as several third-party retailers. This can be helpful when you need to pick one up in a hurry or you’re already shopping somewhere else that sells them.

I contacted customer service representatives from major retailers across the U.S. to create the list of places to buy Ticketmaster gift cards below. Following the list, you’ll also find retailers that don’t sell them.

You can use Ticketmaster gift cards to purchase tickets (including tickets sold by Live Nation), parking passes, VIP passes, and some merchandise.[2][3]

The List

The following businesses sell Ticketmaster gift cards in-store and/or online.

Keep in mind when shopping in-store that availability may vary by location and what each store has on hand.

CardCash logo


  • Gift card availability: Online[4]
  • Shop

Fred Meyer logo

Fred Meyer

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

  • Gift card availability: In-store[7]
  • Shop

The Home Depot logo

The Home Depot

  • Gift card availability: In-store[8]
  • Shop

Kroger logo


  • Gift card availability: In-store and online[9][10]
  • Shop

Office Depot Office Max logo

Office Depot/OfficeMax

  • Gift card availability: In-store[11]
  • Shop

Sam's Club logo

Sam’s Club

  • Gift card availability: In-store[12]
  • Shop

Places That Don’t Sell Ticketmaster Gift Cards

The following retailers do not sell Ticketmaster gift cards in-store or online.

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One thought on “7 Nearby Places to Buy a Ticketmaster Gift Card

  • DB

    FYI, in Orange County, Calif., in the list of “does sell” we only have Home Depot, Office Depot and Sam’s Club. Kroger out here is Ralphs. None of these chains here carry Ticketmaster gift cards.

    It’s very frustrating because I had planned to use a couple of Visa gift cards to buy tickets for my staff & I to go to a comedy show. Ticketmaster does not let you use more than 1 card for a purchase except for one card and a Ticketmaster gift card.

    I want to use these high-dollar Visa gift cards. I now have 3 Visa gift cards that are taking up space.

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