Where to Buy lululemon Gift Cards

A lululemon athletica storefront

You can buy lululemon gift cards from lululemon directly or at a select few third-party retailers.

Gift cards are valid at lululemon’s website and in any lululemon store — including regular stores, outlet or wholesale stores, and pop-up stores.[1]

However, lululemon customer service representatives advise that it’s usually best to use your gift card in a regular lululemon store or on the lululemon website because it makes potential returns or exchanges easier.

The following stores sell lululemon gift cards, though keep in mind that availability varies by location:

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

Safeway logo


  • Gift card amounts: $50[4]
  • Find a store; about half of the Safeway stores we called sold lululemon gift cards

Whole Foods logo

Whole Foods Market

  • Gift card amounts: $25 to $500[5]
  • Find a store; about 30% of the Whole Foods Markets we contacted sold lululemon gift cards

If none of these options work for you, lululemon sells gift cards in its retail stores as well as on the lululemon website.

Gift cards are available as physical gift cards or e-gift cards. The minimum amount for gift cards is $10, while the maximum amount is $1,000.[6]

Places That Don’t Sell lululemon Gift Cards

During our research, we compiled the list of stores that don’t sell lululemon gift cards:

If you frequently shop at lululemon, you might also be interested in our research on lululemon’s student discount policy and birthday discount policy.

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