15 Nearby Places to Buy a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

Victoria's Secret storefront in a shopping mall

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Victoria’s Secret gift cards are sold in Victoria’s Secret stores, on the Victoria’s Secret website, and through several third-party retailers.

I reviewed company websites and contacted major retailers to find out where to buy Victoria’s Secret gift cards so you don’t have to.

There are no additional fees when purchasing a Victoria’s Secret gift card and shipping is free for gift cards ordered on the Victoria’s Secret website.[1][2]

You can use Victoria’s Secret gift cards and PINK gift cards interchangeably at either store, as well as on the Victoria’s Secret website.[1][3]

The List

The following companies sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards.

Keep in mind when shopping in person that gift card availability may vary by location and what each store has on hand.

Albertsons logo


  • In-store or online? In-store[4]
  • Shop

Amazon logo


  • In-store or online? Online[5]
  • Shop

CardCash logo


  • In-store or online? Online[6]
  • Shop

CVS logo


  • In-store or online? In-store[7]
  • Shop

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

Gift Card Granny logo

Gift Card Granny



Kroger logo


Lowes logo


Office Depot Office Max logo

Office Depot/OfficeMax

Publix logo


Rite Aid logo

Rite Aid

ShopRite logo


Staples logo


Walgreens logo


Stores That Don’t Sell Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards

During my research, I found that the following stores don’t typically sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards.

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