12 Nearby Places to Buy an REI Gift Card

Exterior of an REI store

REI gift cards are available at REI stores, on the REI website, and by calling (800) 426-4840.[1]

However, if your nearest REI is out of the way or you’re already planning to do shopping elsewhere, it’s convenient to know your alternative purchase options.

Below, I have the list of major retailers that sell REI gift cards in-store and/or online. I also detail purchase availability for each one (physical or digital gift cards).

There are no additional fees when purchasing an REI gift card,[1] though you may incur a shipping charge when shopping online.

The List

The following businesses sell REI gift cards in-store and/or online.

Note that when shopping in-store, availability may vary by location and what’s in stock.

Albertsons logo


  • Physical or digital? Physical[2][3]
  • In-store or online? In-store[2]
  • Shop

eGifter Gift Card Sales Logo


  • Physical or digital? Digital[4]
  • In-store or online? Online[4]
  • Shop

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle



  • Physical or digital? Both[7]
  • In-store or online? Online[7]
  • Shop

Gift Card Granny logo

Gift Card Granny

  • Physical or digital? Digital[8]
  • In-store or online? Online[8]
  • Shop


  • Physical or digital? Both[9]
  • In-store or online? Online[9]
  • Shop

Giftly logo


  • Physical or digital? Digital[10]
  • In-store or online? Online[10]
  • Shop

Kroger logo


Office Depot Office Max logo

Office Depot/OfficeMax

Raise logo


  • Physical or digital? Digital[15]
  • In-store or online? Online[15]
  • Shop

Staples logo


Target logo


Places That Don’t Sell REI Gift Cards

While many of the places I contacted do sell REI gift cards, some places don’t.

These stores include:

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  21. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=REI+gift+card[]
  22. Best Buy store customer service representatives[]
  23. Costco customer service via live chat[]
  24. CVS store customer service representatives[]
  25. Dollar General store customer service representatives[]
  26. Family Dollar store customer service representatives[]
  27. Kohl’s store customer service representatives[]
  28. Publix store customer service representatives[]
  29. Walgreens store customer service representatives[]
  30. Walmart store customer service representatives[]

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