T.J. Maxx Receipt Lookup Policy Explained

Everyone misplaces receipts now and then, and it's helpful to know if a store can look them up for you in times like this.

It's also useful to know the store's no-receipt return policy so you're aware of your options if proof of purchase isn't available.

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Unfortunately, T.J. Maxx cannot look up customer receipts.[1]

However, even without the receipt, you can exchange the item(s) or get a refund as store credit.[1][2]

Below, I explain T.J. Maxx’s receipt lookup policy and non-receipted return policy.

T.J. Maxx Receipt Lookup Policy

T.J. Maxx can’t look up receipts with a phone number, credit card, or in any other way.[1]

I spoke with T.J. Maxx locations in Montana, New Hampshire, and New Mexico and reviewed its online documentation to confirm this information.

To avoid lost receipts in the future, you can have them emailed to you directly from the register.[1][3]

To receive an email receipt, select “Email Receipt” on the PIN pad when making your purchase and enter your email address and phone number.[3]

Non-Receipted Returns

Without a receipt, you can either exchange items or return them for a refund as a merchandise credit.[1][2]

You won’t be able to get a refund to your original payment method.[1][2]

You’ll need to provide a valid photo ID to complete a non-receipted return and may need to show it again when using the refunded store credit.[1][2]

Note that there isn’t a set limit for non-receipted returns. However, T.J. Maxx’s refund verification system tracks returns to prevent fraud and financial loss.[1][2]

It may accept or deny future returns based on your history.[1][2]

Tip: It’s best to keep your purchases somewhere safe until you’re ready to use them. T.J. Maxx doesn’t accept returns or exchanges for clothing that has been worn, washed, or damaged. You also can’t return other items that are open, used, or damaged.[1][4]


Can you return clothing without tags?

Yes, as long as they’re still brand new, you’ve never worn or washed them, and they aren’t damaged. T.J. Maxx will issue your refund as store credit.[1]

Can you return T.J. Maxx purchases to Marshalls and vice versa?

No, you can only return T.J. Maxx purchases to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls purchases to Marshalls.[1][5][4] Find out more about making returns at HomeGoods, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx.

Does T.J. Maxx extend the return window for the holidays?

Generally, you have 30 days to return items. However, if you make a purchase at T.J. Maxx between early October and Christmas Day, you can return it until early in February.[1][6]

In Summary

T.J. Maxx associates can’t look up receipts. However, you can have a digital receipt emailed to you at checkout so it’s always readily available.[1][3]

Additionally, you can still return or exchange items without a receipt, though for returns, T.J. Maxx will provide a refund in the form of store credit. [1][2]

You can share any knowledge or interesting experiences you’ve had making a return at T.J. Maxx below. Additionally, feel free to ask questions or answer others’ questions.


    I have updated address numerous times with BOTH Marshall’s and tjmaxx and I have gotten nothing. PLEASE tell me how to fix this !
    To fix this

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hi, Tiffany! Sorry to hear you haven’t been receiving your receipts. Did you update your address at the register or online? A T.J. Maxx customer service representative told me that you’ll only receive email receipts if you update your address using the in-store pin pad. If you’ve already tried that, it would be best to contact T.J. Maxx directly for assistance. I hope you find a resolution soon!

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