Funny Team Names for Girls in Sports, Work, School (Some Serious Too)

Competing on a women’s lacrosse team? Giving it your all on a girls-only group project? Working with women in the workplace? No matter what type of team you’re on, creating a team name is a great way to get creative and boost morale! If you’re looking for team names for girls in your group of gal pals, just keep reading. In this article, we walk you through important considerations to keep in mind when naming your team and list several team names for you to use or get inspiration from!

What to Consider When Creating Team Names for Girls

You should first consider what type of girl’s team you are on and what kind of environment your team interacts in. Is a silly name appropriate or should you stick with something more serious? Would a racy name be acceptable or should your team name remain kid-friendly? For example, you likely wouldn’t use the same team name for a formal workplace team and a beer pong team.

Your team name should also reflect your individual team, of course. What might your teammates deem appropriate? Is your team serious and reserved or silly and outgoing? Is there an interest or quality that your teammates share? Creating a clever or funny girl team name is a great opportunity to build morale, so consider these questions and choose a name your team can really get behind!

Lastly, don’t forget to be inclusive when coming up with a team names for girls. When your creative juices are flowing, just keep this in mind and eliminate any names that might discriminate someone who will hear or see your team name (especially someone on your own team). In general, avoid names that put down those of a different race, nationality, sexual orientation, or other identity.

Team Names for Girls

Below is our list of team names for girls. We’ve organized our list into different categories so you can pick the perfect name for your type of team. Feel free to use one of the names below for your team or just use our list for inspiration!

Sports Teams

Whether you’re on a high school team, playing in a summer league, competing in college, or just playing a pickup game, a team name is necessary. See our list below to find the perfect name for your all-girl sports team.

  • Curveball Cuties (softball)
  • Damsels Who Dunk (basketball)
  • Females on the Fairway (golf)
  • Flippin Females (cheer)
  • Grandslam Girls (softball)
  • Leaping Ladies (dance)
  • Ponytails on Par (golf)
  • Sisters in Spiking (volleyball)
  • Sisters in Step (dance)
  • Sisters Who Stunt (cheer)
  • Swingin Sisters (golf)

Work Teams

If you’re working with an all women work team, see our list work team names below!

  • The Cubicle Clique
  • Debt Collecting Damsels
  • Females in Finance
  • Gallery Girls
  • Ladies in Labor (also works for a group of pregnant women)
  • Ladies Who Lunch (more of an off-duty team)
  • The Ponytail Pack
  • Personnel on Heels (play on Hell on Heels)
  • She Sells Seashells
  • Women on the Web (or WOW)
  • Women Who Werk

Have a few men on your team? Check out our article Funny Team Names for Work: Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales… for an abundance of non-gendered work team names.

School Project Teams

Sometimes school is rough, but group projects don’t have to be. Creating a group name could be a fun ice-breaker for you and your newfound team. Start off on the right foot with these team name ideas!

  • Ace with Grace
  • Babes with Books
  • Beauties with Brains
  • Calculating Cuties
  • First Hour Females
  • Girls of the Gym
  • Her History Heroes
  • Lunch Break Ladies
  • Project Ponytail
  • Second Hour Sisters
  • The Wise Women

In Summary

Whether you want team names for girls to consider or more serious ones, selecting a team name girls can be a ton of fun! Just remember to first consider what will be appropriate (and inclusive) for your team and your environment. Then, all that’s left is to get your group of gals together and brainstorm! We hope you’ll use our list to get ideas flowing or maybe to score brownie points with your newfound team.

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