Inspirational & Motivational Team Names for Youth Groups, Work, etc

Choosing a inspirational and motivational team name for your work group can be a fun way to get everyone into the team spirit. Motivational team names and inspirational team names with meaning can boost morale and help foster a teamwork mentality. In this article, we’ll tell you what to consider when choosing a team name and provide some ready-to-use team names if you just want to get on your way.

What to Keep in Mind When Picking a Team Name

Benefits of Picking a Team Name

Picking an inspirational team name may boost group morale and productivity. It may also make your team appealing for those seeking to join your company or promote from within the company. And, attracting motivated individuals is always a plus when seeking to add new employees.

Giving your team a name is also a good way to make yourself stand out to the managerial staff. It is an opportunity to show them that you’re motivated and happy to be a part of the company. Coming up with a motivational team name and encouraging others to utilize it showcases leadership, creativity, and ambition, all of which are attractive qualities to exhibit at work.

Guidelines for Picking a Team Name

Your new team name should be something fun that you and your co-workers or teammates can enjoy together. It should evoke pride from its members with a motivational or inspirational vibe. That being said, there are a few important things to keep in mind during the brainstorming process:

Humor is okay but should be used with caution. Keep in mind that your team name will be used in a professional work environment. So even though the majority of your team may be huge South Park or Shameless fans, it might not be appropriate to use a quote or popular character from the show in your new team name. Anything that might be considered inappropriate or “gross” humor (think boogers, farts, and vomit) should be avoided.

Throwback names are fun but be aware of your audience. For example, a play on an old TV show, movie, or song might seem like a great idea, but if you’re part of a young company with employees just starting their careers, you’ll want to make sure it’s something that will resonate as funny and a throwback when people hear it. If it’s too dated of a reference, you’ll end up having to explain the name over and over which takes the fun right out of it.

As a rule, stay away from anything that might be considered making fun of a religion, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or other groups. What one person might find funny or light-hearted could come off as offensive and hurtful to someone else. This can be especially counter-productive if the name is offensive to someone on your own team. Remember, you want your team name to make you stand out before your boss but not get you called into HR. If you find yourself questioning whether your new team name is appropriate for work, then it’s best to pick a new name.

Inspirational Team Names

Now that you know the benefits of choosing an inspirational and motivational team name as well as some general guidelines to keep in mind while brainstorming, here’s the list of team names — for everything from motivational team names for sales to inspirational team names for youth groups — you might consider using the next time you need to boost morale on the job. Use one off our list, or use these to help you get started coming up with your own!

Any Profession

  • Get Er Done Guys (a popular Larry the Cable Guy saying)
  • Don’t Stop Achievin’ (a play on the popular Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’”)
  • Smells Like Team Spirit (a play on the popular Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”)
  • Super Men (for a team made up entirely of men)
  • Wonder Women (for a team made up entirely of women)


  • The Creativity Crew
  • Music Masters
  • The Write Stuff


  • Just Brew It (a play on the popular Nike slogan “Just Do It.”)
  • The Jitterbugs (a play on the old energetic dance called the Jitterbug)
  • The Quicker Perker Upper (a play on Bounty’s “Quicker Picker Upper” slogan)


  • Graters Gonna Grate
  • Got Spirit? (a play on the “Got Milk?” slogan)


  • Cubicle Commanders
  • Finger Clickin’ Good (a play on KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan)
  • Jazz Hands (for office jobs with lots of typing)


  • Easy as Sell (a play on Dell’s “Easy as Dell” slogan)
  • Make it Rain
  • Show Me the Money (a popular line from the ‘90s film Jerry Maguire)
  • The Quota Crushers

Youth Groups

  • The Brainy Bunch (a play on the old TV show “The Brady Bunch” for academic-based groups)
  • The Good Sports (for sports/athletic based groups)
  • Hashtag Teamwork
  • The I’m Possibles (changing the word “impossible” into “I’m possible”)

In Summary

Choosing a motivational team name for your work group can boost morale and help you stand out to management. There are some general guidelines to consider when choosing a inspirational group names, such as avoiding inappropriate humor and staying clear of anything related to race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. It’s also important to make sure that any throwback references, such as to old songs or movies, are easily recognizable. If you’d like to read more team names for work, check out some of our other articles, including Funny Team Names for Work/Business, Accounting Team Names, Medical Team Names, Safety Team NamesSales Team Names, and School Group Names.

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