20 Safety Team Names

Coming up with a team name is a great way for safety teams to have a little fun and show others that they aren’t serious all the time. Safety teams carry a lot of responsibility: It is the team’s job to ensure a healthy and safe workplace environment. But, just like everyone else, safety teams want to have fun too — and a team name is a great way to start! How about Cautious Crew or Lifesavers? We have the list of safety team names below.

How to Pick a Safety Team Name

Here are some guidelines for picking a safety team name:

  • Team names should be inclusive. Think about everyone on the team and get everyone involved in the naming process, if possible.
  • Team names should be workplace-appropriate. Consider your work environment and be sure to avoid any implication of discrimination against a particular gender, race, religion, nationality, etc.
  • Keep your team name clean. Avoid risqué team names. Team names can be fun, but using PG-13 language is a good rule of thumb.

The List of Safety Team Names

Below, we’ve compiled the list of safety team names to make the workplace a little more fun. Feel free to take one of our suggestions or use this list to help you come up with your own.

  • Box Strutters
  • Captain Compliant
  • Cautious Crew
  • Control Patrol
  • Danger Dodgers
  • Don’t Sue Crew
  • Safe and the Serious (play on “Fast and the Furious”)
  • Gimme a Break
  • Hazard Handlers
  • Lifesavers
  • Must Wash Hands
  • Overstock Rock
  • Policy Police
  • Risk Breakers
  • Risky Business
  • Safety Squad
  • Safety Versed
  • Shelf and Wellness
  • Smooth Operators
  • Trippin’ on a Stair (play on the popular Bon Jovi song “Livin’ on a Prayer”)

If you’re looking for strictly inspirational team names, we recommend this article that exclusively covers inspirational and motivational team names.

In Summary

Giving your safety team a name is a great way to boost morale. Your team name should be workplace-appropriate, but it can still be fun! Try one of our suggestions listed above or use the list to help you come up with your own team name.

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