Rent-A-Center Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Rent-A-Center allows you to return items and pause your payments at any time during the lease period. You will not receive a refund, but you can reinstate your rental agreement for up to two years after you pause your contract.

Rent-A-Center Return Policy

The Rent-A-Center return policy allows customers to schedule a return for a rented item at any time during the lease period and freeze their payments, a corporate customer service representative said.

There is no early termination charge, and the company will keep a record of what you have already paid toward the item.

You will not receive a refund for your return; instead, we were told that once you put your rental agreement on hold, you can choose to reinstate it with the same item (if it is still available) or a similar one at any point up to two years later. A payment protection voucher allows you to resume payments where you left off.

We called Rent-A-Center stores in Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Wisconsin; all locations we contacted adhere to the corporate return and reinstatement policy.

If you have difficulty making your Rent-A-Center payment, a return may be a better option than non-payment. Our previous research explains the Rent-A-Center policy for non-payment.

Rental Reinstatement Options

If you decide to reinstate your lease at a later date, you can restart your agreement with a call or visit to your local Rent-A-Center.

You can redeem your payment protection voucher in one of the following ways:

  • Reinstate your original rental contract. You’ll get your original rental item or a comparable item back. The full voucher or credit amount will count toward your new agreement.
  • Choose a different, previously rented item. Your voucher will reduce the rental term by up to three months, depending on the voucher amount.
  • Choose a brand new item. If you choose to rent a completely new item rather than a previously rented one, Rent-A-Center will deduct about 20% of your voucher amount from the cost of the new item.
  • Transfer the voucher to a relative or friend. The person you choose can take over the payments on your original item, use your voucher to receive up to three months off a previously rented item, or receive about 20% of the total voucher amount toward the cost of a new item. You can submit a rental transfer request at your local store or via the online rental application.

More Information

For information about other rent-to-own options, see our comparison of Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center.

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